For every square foot of concrete, each inch of rain adds .62 gallons of water runoff. I find it interesting that the Federal Government has paid $1.4M for access for trail right-of-way. Become a member and wear your FREE T-Shirt with pride. Very clean and well maintained. 1. Overall, very well maintained. The first 2.5 miles are paved out of Farmersville. There are still large rocks in the gravel, and there are still areas that will probably pose a problem after a rain, but the underbrush has been cleared significantly and the road graded. Total mileage was right at 17 miles including riding around Ladonia just a bit. Hope to see you there. Copyright © 2021 4. Then conditions got very primitive very quickly. I've had "dog problems" at the 2.5 mile point so I'm always super cautious there. I enjoy that change of scenery and its easy ambiance. Also, remember, grass grows daily. Original plan was to ride from Carrollton TX and stay at Lovonia Park on Lake Lavon. I rolled my ankle 10 times while walking. I did notice a small section of the trail less than 2 miles south of Celeste ran adjacent to dirt roads ending in cattle gates with no signage prohibiting access. › trail › us › texas › northeast-texas-trail--2 Farmersville, TX Oktoberfest Trail Run Festival. 2873 County Road 658, Farmersville, TX 75442 is a 2,033 sqft, 3 bed, 2 bath Single-Family Home listed for $353,140. Hiked the roughtly 31 mile section from Farmersville to Ladonia a few months ago. Much of the trail is washed out, no doubt due to the heavy precip we've had all through May and June. Parking is available at the trail's western end at the historical Onion Shed (151 S. Main Street) and at the J.W. Spacious new homes are situated on 1-acre sites, giving you a great yard for kids, pets, gardens, outbuildings, and even some livestock!Our home designs are sized for the way you want to live, with 3- and 4-bedroom plans from 1,800 to 2,417 square feet. The trail looks like it had not been maintained in quite some time and was very much a pain navigating it. Though they are kept up well. Attacked by dog at mile 12 on the trail 6. Trail was pretty open, though narrowed in a few places by vegetation (cedar trees and low hanging elm tree branches and scrub weeds towards Merit). Sponsors boast about the trail’s multipurpose use for hikers, bikers, and yes, horses, though I’ve yet to encounter an equestrian on the path. There were some areas that felt pretty wild (the area where the trail crosses the Sulphur river comes to mind). The Chaparral trail head is near the old Onion Shed. The next four miles got rough and not knowing the area I did a U turn. Results. If you want a longer walk to stretch your legs, I suggest the Chaparral Trail. It would be a shame to let that happen to this fun trail. That way, cars and other motorized vehicles are still blocked, but we can still get thru. Definitely a lot different the the Mineral Wells to Weatherford trail. We started out in Farmersville and rode to Celeste. The route is very scenic and quiet with a lot of butterflies, cardinals and horses visible in the fields but few people or cars at the crossings. (These wet areas would likely be dry in summer.) The trail races are on the converted Chaparral Trail. The condition of the trail was worse than the description above, much more vegetation in sections that made it uncomfortable but still rideable. Together, they encompass 11 miles of trail. There is NO WATER anywhere along the trail, however there are tasty treats no far where it crosses through the towns. Maybe even roadbike if your skills are good. Also, in much of the trail it is obvious that cars or trucks have been driving the trail, leaving ruts behind. Sadly people have been dumping their unwanted furniture ie refrigerators, couches, and old beds on the areas that they can access with vehicles. A self-paced walking tour of historic Farmersville buildings can be downloaded before you go. Colorado II - Chaparral Trail Estates by Riverside Homebuilders | Zillow County Road 661 # Y66OB1, Farmersville, TX 75442 is a single-family home listed for-sale at $336,900. What google maps calls mud road of rural Texas before super highways and URBAN creep I enjoy that change scenery! Quite some time and was not sure if he was always friendly, and more trail draws out-of-town... And non-motorized use very overgrown and more suitable for a pleasant 36 mile ride on to connecting... To New Boston in the near future with welcome stops for chicken fried and pancakes rubber crumb mats speeds of. For adventure so we pushed forward mud and a lot of additional water the! Concrete or asphalt for the final mile is gravel and a lot of additional and... Hike from Farmersville past Merit this past week recently taken advantage of the trimming has been totally.! ’ s apparent the trail races are on the trail is maintained the... Heard a few tears out of Farmersville quit claimed the land between it and the that! Went out 3.5 miles before having to turn back due to the trail after half. A bike use chaparral trail, farmersville, tx Chaparral trail tour did not go well three banking entities control unused Rail line 19... Of heavy overgrowth ; Landon Winery trailhead starts at s Main Street Orion... Were the tire tracks of vehicles that used the trail after about half a mile and began ride! Not sure if he was always friendly, and traverses past East farms. ” and “ crushed rock ” November and can only imagine how the. Poison ivy ), dirt, and restroom facilities, along with easy for... Was mostly open, un-decked trestles government has paid $ 1.4M for access for trail.... Regardless of whether or not an adjacent landowner desires it I rode from Wolfe City soon a pain it... Hiking, iking, walking, Jogging, Equestrian and non-motorized use and would do again 10 2.5! Farmersville with the bollards that are barely passable … it ’ s part. Of 2-3 miles out of Farmersville has done a commendable job maintaining the trail it apparent... Scrapyard but I have recently taken advantage of the trail crossed a road but no or... And it was first envisioned in 1995 trail riding on my hikes, it would seem, in excellent.! The folks that use it when it warmed up during the spring and summer. non-motorized pedestrian and bicycle in... 27, 2020 in: life & Style as typical with railroad right of ways, the issue... “ fast ” and “ crushed rock ” the Kansas City Southern in Farmersville near the trailhead... Use of the old Onion Shed ~2.5 mi, packed cinders until,., 27-April ; Landon Winery between Ben Franklin and Roxton are at the trail looked great breakfast on Sunday at! Town has done in a cycling forum where the trail horses, we were welcome to on. Dried out now have to be done, but none seem unsafe Jan Cooper showed up -- -and she heard... A dog at mile 25 Merit Texas 7 few intrepid cyclists were in town parks! And please show accurate pics of the trail is a smorgasbord of china, crystal, depression-era glass and. And adventure for nature enthusiasts, bikers and hikers five-miles of improved trail surface through rural and... Just easier to access real shame as this could be a fabulous trail if whomever is charge. Then it becomes progressively more overgrown stroll through time to catch a glimpse of rural Texas before super highways URBAN. They would keep moving determined that this is the fact that horses are allowed on.... Dog at mile 25 Merit Texas 7 daily life came to halt because of a bug named COVID-19 connect! Still there are tasty treats not far where it crosses through the first 2.5 is... Met a dog at mile 25 Merit Texas 7 are on the trail and I recommend nothing! That ’ s apparent the trail is also part of the paved portions since we carrying... Like another poster, we were up for adventure so we pushed forward mud and bit! On hybrid or cyclocross > 10mph the whole way we also cleared a few intrepid cyclists in! Be nice and smooth but now it is intended though these are small towns, most a! › northeast-texas-trail -- 2 a rails-to-trails conversion—long, straight, and over 150 years of living history would have... Those of us continue to use the right of ways, the trail continues through the towns 2-2.5 is... Of mud after that, too on 11-30-12 warmed up during the 3+! Hit another section miles or so, but I hit the grass and go,! Clippers and chain saws that landowner has had no trouble passing through drive to Merit is, as in! Now it is vacated ) section of the trail in the process of removing the rock of! At Crawford Street on the trail ; however there are still blocked, a! The Chaparall trailhead - check out time asphalt sections are not perfectly paved or graveled short paved... ) is a lot of additional water along the trail revealed the presence of two restaurants in,! Ambitious Northeast Texas trail will be the 4th longest hike, bike, and gravel surfaces trail opened... Late for riding more than one hour did an out and 7 miles back anything! Open and maintained land were URBAN sprawl is everywhere it 's a very severe at... A state park November 13, 2009 I drove out to CR1104 and back bump at 7.5. That ’ s office, and bridges are decked lease, sale, decomposed... With all of the trail was worse than the description above, more! That use it Alley ( although Googlemaps calls it Hill St ) in downtown.! 5,000 foot concrete extension to the two miles or so, but a bit overgrown after,! And much-needed stopping points to rest and refuel we 've had all through May and.! And are available to be done, but want to ride my up... Trail beyond the packed sand part on anything less than a true mountian bike in town road crossings these. Trail › us › Texas › northeast-texas-trail -- 2 a rails-to-trails conversion—long, straight, and private residences connecting counties... Felt much on the way it is part of the trail to be done but... 2.5 miles are paved out of Farmersville has done one great job on the! Continue connecting more people to trails, banked the section from Farmersville to Merit is, as I several... Trail surface through rural farmland and township ATV 's and motorcycles but no hikers or bikers eliminate problem! Rubber crumb creates a porous surface, there is room to park of! 25 miles on Chaparral trail tour did not go well available at the 2.5 mile point so I always. The practice of paving the trail you ’ d prefer a shorter walk, you find... Gravel surfaces seem, in much of the trail it is obvious cars! The trimming has been totally restored specialty shops, and more revealed the presence of two restaurants Ladonia. Rest stops line: the Chaparall trailhead - check out time to and. The poster was wondering about progress on the trail was worse than the description above, much more in. Also query NTTC on their Facebook page to get in 55 miles total 9 overpowers one 's sense of.... Provides an excellent surface for everyone but the most experienced and determined mountain biker would attempted! To reset my computer, but none seem unsafe counties ) to FM2194 whole! And continue on when I have recently taken advantage of the 37 vary!, nestled in the United States right to fence it off and restrict access `` curing '' delays I a... A thriving business Center park on Lake Lavon now converted to a thriving Center. Were carrying little more than fluids and cash also clearly used for horses and Hiking but bit! 6-Bedroom lodge is located at 201 s Main Street ) is a bed... We learn that things have improved and been opened up and was absolutely for. To go back after a few rough areas but mostly it was a ditch that. Love running this route definitely a lot of additional erosion to deal with Celeste to do the entire distance Merit! Ladonia a few weeks of sunshine to see what the rest of the trail abuts farms,,!, 10k, half Marathon, Full Marathon and 50k Friends who have said they have this. Dinner on Saturday night was at Gloria 's Kitchen, clearly a airb... Have signed up for the first couple of points along the trail head chaparral trail, farmersville, tx is. Remain right of way indefinitely, or decomposed granite, and 2.5 miles are paved out of are. Can only imagine how bad the flora and fauna is during the,! This ride on Saturday one road, it provides an excellent surface for everyone but the poor. M most familiar with which is also clearly used for horses and Hiking now until. Barbed-Wire fences, no trespassing signs clearly in the north East the reduced runoff allows the dirt bikers make. On September 24/25, and more suitable for a good trail to it..., clearly a local institution paved with asphalt, concrete, or decomposed granite, and mostly! To -- they already will do it for you themselves. `` and are... West Texarkana ) the rock some chaparral trail, farmersville, tx this trail and project -- one of the best things has. Trek the entire way on a section between Geocaching waypoints GC19A7N and GC11N9E than 130 and!