thanks for the response. Smart Trainers Buyers Guide: Looking at a smart trainer this winter? The meters keep connecting but always reading “0” for power. When using the Stages Bike with TrainerRoad is it possible to use the gears on the Stages Bike. I’ve updated the firmware for the bike to version 1.8.3+850. Thanks! Once I’m done with it, I’ll figure out how to get it back down the Dutch staircase and back into the semi-truck that dropped it off – so it can find its home back at Stages. Do you or any of the other commenters have either a suggestion for more troubleshooting I could try or experience with replacing the power meters on the SB20? Obviously 0.27 is depth, but which of the other numbers is the actual maximum extension length of the tablet holder arm? I am in the same situation, in my case for setting up our “mini-gym” between neighbours. In fact, I don’t believe I’ve ever seen a result so close between two units at such a high power level. Between all these standards you can basically connect to anything and everything you’d ever want to. Firstly, the comedy value that is in the build manual. I had a call with them and all their engineers about it this morning. So that’s a huge deal for triathletes. This is a super basic trainer mat, which is exactly what you'll see me use. After all, Garmin stop shipping them for months to work out production QA issues. Very smooth riding. In general, my rule of thumb is I want hands-on time (or butts-on in this case), and I want some realistic level of clarity on delivery time frames. doesn’t to be ou, Hi Ray, I can’t say enough what a HUGe UPGRADE this is over my prior setup of a bike mounted to a Wahoo Kickr (1 year old KICKR). That’s notable for Garmin & Polar users that want to connect to their bikes to record training load on their watches or bike computers. Innovative bike features, such as the aluminum frame, CarbonGlyde, magnetic braking system, FitLoc, and SprintShift make it the simplest bike to maintain. I hesitate to call this a pros and cons list, though that’s more or less what it is. To help you out, we poured over dozens of reviews, testimonials, and Studio SWEAT onDemand trainers’ expertise to make our very own comparison of the Peloton bike vs … In terms of road-like feel of that flywheel, it’s pretty good. With dual BT functionality these days its less of an issue but it can be maddening sometimes when your app won’t see a device, all cos your phone in your pocket is holding onto a connection . Especially is there an option to quick change saddles? Wahoo certainly had some issues early on, but frankly, they shipped so few units for so long that it didn’t matter. Seriously, nothing. I e-mailed him on Dec 4 , 3 times since, and have raised two tickets. Overall though, the Stages Bike is super flexible in terms of getting everything fit to your specific needs. Let’s look at last Thursday’s 90-minute TrainerRoad session first: Ok, so at a high level with a 5-second smoothing applied (ya kinda have to with the Stages Bike), it looks pretty similar. Love it. That’s always kinda been the gap for Stages. The Stages SB20 is all of the great things I hoped it would be (albeit after only a few 100 miles of use). Alternatively, for everything else on the planet, simply buy your goods from Amazon via the link below and I get a tiny bit back as an Amazon Associate. Speaking of which, let’s take a look at this entire front console setup. Either because it’s just resonating/absorbing differently in the cave, or something. I wonder whether #3 is related to #1, but that’s just speculation. Stages says the ports can also be used for any other magical idea down the road too, just like the Aux ports we saw on the KICKR Bike. Though at least with Stages you can still display it on your phone concurrently. TIA! I’m somewhat surprised if it doesn’t work, especially if over ANT+ FE-C. btw i would suggest joining the fb group for the stages sb20. Uncompromising … Gotchya, so in that case it’s using FTMS (via Bluetooth). I’m thinking it may be the resistance unit. It’s just simulating different gearing. Left powermeter not visible in stagespowerapp and because of that not updatable. They are hinting that with the X custom workouts will be possible. I say ‘virtual’, because, well…it’s virtual. Any owner can confirm that ERG mode is now improved? spent over 1 1/2 hours on this and had to abandon my training ride. I purchased a new Stages SB20 this week. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, but your purchases help support this website a lot. Axel. Stages LLC has also not replied to emails, their support to UK seems non-existent. Also, as noted earlier there’s further yet aux ports for those remote shifter cables. Use the ‘Stages Power’ app for updating the firmware on the cranks – this can be done on each crank individually. Probably going to have to return it. Ray, did you try any of the other apps? Ray when is your Peloton review coming out? Stages says that the best option there is to use their Stages Link app, installed on each person’s own smartphone, and then to connect to the bike to set the gearing customizations that you want before starting your session (actually, you can technically set them mid-way through the session too). I’m having issues with freight right now getting my order. You don’t have to, but it’s super well built and I’ve found good uses for it. Feedback appreciated regarding the noisy flywheel. I also find that powering off the bike and back on is required in order to get it to accept resistance control changes. Super functional and stable. It would be good if DCRainmaker would chime in with their perspective. Yeah, figuring out failure-rates from groups like that are indeed impossible and definitely over-amplified. It has trouble with the balance between varying cadence, actual power and target power from the three on-board power-meters.. as well as dealing with the flywheel. There’s no way I can see to quick-change saddles, but perhaps I’m missing something. Thanks The shipping will be a bit steep at $400 but right to my door. could you describe the “grinding”? I travel a fair bit, both for work and for fun. Until stairs are involved. Once fixed, the noise is gone. Over time their bezels are getting smaller, so it’s possible future 12.9in models will fit in portrait mode. It’s darn-near impossible to tell based on the above chart, which just looks like a giant fuzzy mess of colors. The reason here is we have a very large flywheel that gives a realistic road feel, and actual power meters on the crank arms, so we are directly measuring power instead of an algorithm, and we also have a flywheel that provides inherent resistance due to its large moment of inertia. From there I’m able to save the file and upload it to whatever platform I like. For such an expensive, quality product, this is not good enough! See what they say. In the US, it’s the opposite. I was looking at the Stages page, and their news mentions the most recent upgrade to Dream Drive is the ability to have sub-1:1 gears, which I never would have even thought was a thing they *wouldn’t* have. Last summer we saw Wahoo, Tacx, and Stages all launch their first smart bike offerings at Eurobike, albeit on varied timelines. For this section, I’ll cover some of the basics of the hardware, before we get into setup of rider fit as well as things like gearing and shifting, plus app connectivity. Does anyone know if this Kickr bike has the ability, perhaps via a firmware update, to give left/right leg balance at some point in the future? They all look just like this: Next, let’s change from some SIM mode workouts to some ERG mode workouts. Contemplating replacing my Wattbike Pro with an Atom with the new resistance. Stages is pretty much on every forum from what I can tell tracking down anything that pops up. But, happy to be proven wrong over time. I just finished setting up my new SB 20 smart bike. You probably stumbled upon here looking for a review of a sports gadget. That’s quite unusual (but welcomed!) The only two relative downsides, compared to my Tacx Neo are: 1) It does struggle with Erg Mode – as you noted in your review, the power does fluctuate around the average quite a bit. i can assure you though, rouvy works perfectly fine on the SB20. Luckily, there are a few alternatives to Peloton … Config 2:  With Garmin Vector 3 pedals. This route on Zwift starts off on the flats, which is good for sprint testing and high-flywheel testing, then it loops up into the hills and mountains for some solid rollers. This $8 case fixes that, it's a silicone strap that makes it easy to grab, but also has a strap to easily place on the edge of your handlebars. Again, that’s weird though. Secondly, the fact that it took me over 20 minutes to update the firmware on the cranks. Or maybe that would just make things worse. No problems keeping my iPad fully charged while also using it for Zwift or YouTube. All of them feel pretty good. I don’t work for Stages (or get paid by them or anything else), so that’s really in their wheelhouse to solve. You’ll have to get a Bluetooth Smart HR strap. The Workshop: StagesBike SB20 Customized Gearing. Have you been able to test more recent FW releases? Spoiler: Nothing has changed since I published that previous post. The Apple TV remote sucks though. DC Rainmaker 2019 swim, bike, run, and general gear list. Although the KICKR Bike looks great, I cannot bring myself to spend this amount of money on a gen1 product. a lot of very helpful ppl there who have been with the bike for 6+ months in many cases and who have seen just about every issue out there. Which would be better suited for an apartment as far as noise/vibration through the floor where a downstairs neighbor could possibly hear? The “fixed 5:1 gearing” you mention just means there is only one drive ratio, not adjustable gearing like a bike with derailleurs and shifters.