Hold on to your hats, kids. Homer is the assistant to the manager and goes to Paris, meanwhile ned and marge are snacking on strawberries and whipped cream. Homer Simpson: “Even when you yell at me, I can see love in your eyes.”, Homer Simpson: “Ha ha, you love me.” - The Simpsons 03x8. One of the reasons why Homer and Marge Simpson's romance is one of the greatest in fictional history is just how much we know about their history together. How much does it cost to stay at Marge Hotel? Hover over the box to learn more about the article from our partner. One of the reasons why Homer and Marge Simpson's romance is one of the greatest in fictional history is just how much we know about their history together. Yet film and TV is filled with these uneven couples, where an attractive, smart, competent woman stands by a husband who’s less good-looking, less impressive, and contributes far less to the relationship. Homer Jay Simpson (born May 12, 1956) is the main protagonist of the series. Homer assaults Bart so badly his family are forced to call the police on him. But when? As Psychology Today observed, “We are drawn to others out of needs and desires that are unfulfilled in our lives”. The Simpsons’ union has survived in large part due to managed expectations: Marge knows that Homer will screw up, and she sets the bar accordingly. She knows the … He’s sensitive and sweet.”, Homer Simpson: “Marge, get your butt out here!” - The Simpsons 03x12. He went from man-child right to childish father. Many of these men seemed like relics of another time, with retrograde behaviors that symbolized a bygone era. She even is smarter than Homer(with the crayon still up his nose) as she went to job. When Homer and Marge first meet, she’s a model student and a sharp, politically minded star of their high school debate team. Others around him may marvel at how he landed such a desirable wife, and frequently her family was (or remains) firmly against the match. Marge is a nurturing figure who derives most of her fulfillment from her family. Asking, “Why doesn’t Marge just leave him?” isn’t the point. Homer fancies woman. But in four seasons, this is the fifth time Homer has refused to see Marge as more than a domestic caretaker and resented her for her wants and needs. Marriage mismatches remain comedic gold to this day. "I Married Marge" is the twelfth episode of The Simpsons' third season. In the creatively titled “Bart Gets Hit by a Car”, Bart gets hit by a car, the Simpson family sue Mr Burns over the accident, almost win $1 million, but lose out thanks to Marge’s honesty. That night, Marge prays for her husband at their bedside. Meme Guy photo. Season 8, Episode 6: “A Milhouse Divided”. He uses it totally irresponsibly, and lies about his gun ownership – pretending to get rid of it, but hiding it in different places around the home. Top 10 Reasons Why Marge Simpson Should Divorce From Homer. Season 15, Episode 15: “Co-Dependents Day”. The Simpsons: 5 Reasons Why Homer Is The Best Character (& 5 Reasons He's The Worst) The Simpsons' Homer may be insanely quotable and oddly relatable, but that doesn't mean he always serves as a perfect role model for the audience. Mediocre husbands on TV are a different story, though. Category page. Roger Meyers Jr.: ”Animation is built on plagiarism! Yet now, Homer is no longer immediately remorseful. From their time as children all the way into the far future, the two seem to be made for one another. Edit. He's a fat, yellow moron who strangles his son. She's usually know for her conservative style and nagging her husband Homer. Even Maggie gets hooked up to an electric chair. Homer is less Marge’s equal partner than a fourth kid she has to take care of. No. Homer is annoying at the movies, Marge snaps at him, and Homer responds by leaving home and becoming the manager of a country singer, which is a bit of an overreaction, really. True Simpsons fans know the following to be true. The Simpsons split up Homer and Marge as expected on Sunday's Season 27 premiere, but as executive producer Al Jean had later clarified, a separation does not … Marge serves square pancakes, instead of waffles, during "Treehouse of Horror VII," Season 8. If you don't think of what it is, we'll lose Marge forever. Bart and Lisa called Marge "mom" and Homer "Homer". Homer and Marge may not have the perfect marriage but their ability to stick together through tough times is admirable. Breaking up with her, or losing her if something terrible occured to her or if she fell for a new man, would be a dark end to an otherwise triumphant effort. Why did we need to see him getting his tongue ripped off? On a deeper human level, couples like the Simpsons also expose that we all have our flaws—even someone as outwardly perfect as Marge Simpson. It’s Been Established That They Split Up Eventually 1 0 +1. A warning sign if ever there was one. He experiences another – presumably brief – moment of remorse when watching the play itself and identifying with Stanley’s character. They have to stay who they are, to keep things entertaining. But I have no idea in the world why Lois puts up with Peter. These are such episodes as examples. Here are 10 of the best episodes of 'The Simpsons' that depict the longest lasting marriage in TV history. She has a pair of older sisters, the joyless twins, Patty and Selma, both of whom passionately disapprove of Homer. Why doesn't he ever tell her "hey I bought that house with the money I earned at the power plant"? Season 1, Episode 4: “There’s No Disgrace Like Home”. Likewise, Marge’s exhaustion over Homer’s behavior is also matched by her instinct that he does have an amazing capacity for selflessness when properly provoked. he spends money recklessly to a point where Marge makes efforts of hide money so that they can have at least some savings. And the episode does stretch that relationship, to an uncommonly realistic degree. Season 3, Episode 15: “Homer Alone” Marge does so much housework it almost causes her to drive her car off a bridge. By Kristy Fong, Investment Manager, Aberdeen New India Investment Trust, › The Nobel Peace Prize celebrates efforts the UK government has ignored, Harvard’s top astronomer says our solar system may be teeming with alien technology, How Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal is proving a nightmare for UK businesses. Despite all these evident flaws, he has an inflated sense of self. Lavner, Justin A., et al. Homer's lack of regard for his family is on full display here, as he was easily brainwashed. They appear to offer to take on their fair share by the end of the episode, but viewers know it is a hollow promise. Later, Homer is in the tree house trying to think how to persuade Marge to stay with him. Why does Marge never had a long term job like Homer? Marge Hotel offers the following activities/services (charges may apply): Spa; Hot tub/Jacuzzi; Massage ; Bicycle rental (additional charge) Yoga classes; Does Marge Hotel have a pool? The house is clearly Homer's. Anna Leszkiewicz is culture editor of the New Statesman. How austerity economics is hindering Covid-19 vaccine programmes, Why China's economy is less healthy than it looks, Call My Agent! Ultimately, Homer and Marge have stayed together for so many years because they get each other. Marge does, and in contrast, Homer is overweight and doesn't even try to change that situation even though Marge would like him to be healthier. Lichter, Daniel T., Joseph P. Price, and Jeffrey M. Swigert. According to Psychology Today, these “opposites” might more accurately be described as “complements,” calling their differences “the source of the most important aspect of any successful relationship: chemistry.”. It shouldn’t. Perhaps that is why Marge praises Homer for the work he did on the signs. He should even become muscular, plus his hair should grow back as though to much stress was the cause of his baldness. "In the premiere, it’s discovered after all the years Homer has narcolepsy and it’s an incredible strain on the marriage. Anonymous 12/06/20(Sun)03:36:11 No. Marriage just about clinging on, Homer decides the next best step for his relationship is for him to go on an absolute stonking rager. Synopsis. The staff are so nice, especially Romana who gave us lots of recommendations for places to … While it might not make sense to anyone outside their marriage, Marge is obviously very physically attracted to Homer. Studies have found that women are often attracted to men who display qualities like arrogance, stubbornness, and risk-taking—“bad boys” who seem like good candidates for sexual mating. The most obvious example of this occurs in the third act, when Homer makes a sincere attempt to implore Marge to stay with him by complimenting her on her sandwich-making techniques; it's so a mundane a compliment as to seem utterly inept, but it's as articulate as Homer can possibly be under the circumstances. He is the breadwinner he works, Marge doesn't. Season 25, Episode 11: “Specs and the City”. Homer gets drunk and nasty. She is the youngest daughter of the Bouvier family. So given this portrait, why would any woman (let alone a real catch) fall for this guy? Homer marries another woman in Vegas, and fantasises about his life of bigamy where Marge is forced to endlessly chop a log in front of him, forever, for no reason at all. Homer and Marge legally separate, and Homer falls in love with his pharmacist, who’s voiced by Lena Dunham," he said. He’s boorish, selfish, and dimwitted. For more on great articles on Classic TV Series check out our Classic TV Series:Series, For more on great articles on Iconic Screen Couples Series check out our Iconic Screen Couples Series:Series, The Office: Jim and Pam - Reworking the Office Romance, Friends: Ross and Rachel - Love Worth Waiting For, Parks and Recreation: April & Andy - Millennials Growing (Up) Together. In Homer’s impulsivity and self-indulgence, perhaps she gets a vicarious thrill—a small taste of the freedom and excitement she denies herself. Homer has two stacks of pancakes, while Bart eats Krusty Flakes, also in "Stark Raving Dad," Season 3. Maybe it’s the classic beauty paired up with someone who’s far less attractive. Season 14, Episode 20: “Brake My Wife, Please”. Let’s get some beer in you, then it’s right to bed.” - The Simpsons 09x18. He might have trouble holding onto the job he has already. UPDATE: While Homer and Marge Simpson will be breaking up in an upcoming episode, The Simpsons wants to make it clear that the separation is not for good. The Simpsons split up Homer and Marge as expected on Sunday's Season 27 premiere, but as executive producer Al Jean had later clarified, a separation does not necessarily mean they will divorce. This is not the sign of a healthy, happy marriage, people! Marge makes it clear that Homer isn't exactly the man she thought he was or would be at this time in their marriage but that is a forgivable offense. SUBSCRIBE NOW to CBR! Get out while you still can! He gifts her a bowling ball with his name inscribed on it in the hopes she will give it to him. I eat." 119476810. Read: Bart Simpson to Be Killed Next Season on 'The Simpsons' In doing so, he realises she’s in therapy for the strains he puts on their relationship. Through thick and thin, with hair and without, Marge has always found Homer undeniably intriguing—even sexy. The worst part of Marge is that she doesn't sit idly by and let Homer be Homer, instead, she oftentimes snitches on him getting not just him but her entire family ostracized by their neighbors. And although the pair has come close, something always brings them back together. Breaking up with her, or losing her if something terrible occured to her or if she fell for a new man, would be a dark end to an otherwise triumphant effort. In the real world, marriage usually changes men: A 2018 University of Georgia study found that most men become more conscientious and responsible after becoming husbands. We’ll allow it. Selma herself has offered help in some fashion to help Marge and Homer, as she does envy their loving relationship). She is arrested, serves her punishment and goes to rehab unaware that she hasn’t done anything wrong. Rude! With encouragement and tough love, her thinking goes, she can mold her husband into a better version of himself, thus yielding her a sense of achievement in her marriage. At the bowling alley, she meets suave, sophisticated Frenchman Jacques who attempts to woo her across the lanes. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on December 26, 1991. She works hear and there but she still the stay at home mom. We have known The Simpsons for approximately 2 hours and 40 minutes, and Homer is already royally fucking shit up. If Homer and Marge’s split were to last for more than just a couple of episodes, why wouldn’t Marge and Ned think about getting together? The entire family is brainwashed by the group, with the exception of Marge. Homer has an on-and-off relationship with his wife Marge. Homer: All right, Brain, it's all up to you. Marge is so deep in this abusive relationship that instead of taking this opportunity to escape with her traumatised children forever, she instead concocts an evil plan where she tricks Homer’s new wife into marrying Homer’s father Abe without her full consent. He feels like the bigger man for simply allowing her to continue with the sessions, but makes no attempt to ascertain how he could be a better husband. The prices at Marge Hotel may vary depending on your stay (e.g. Whether this misguided confidence stems from denial, ego, or an underactive brain that doesn’t bother thinking too deeply about things, he tends to have positive self-esteem and to feel pretty good about his life. He neglects his wife and children to spend his time drinking at the local bar and frequently makes decisions that endanger his family. Homer is, predictably, less than supportive about this new, fun, independent hobby of Marge’s. THIS IS THE TURNING POINT. Perhaps most importantly, Homer knows just how fortunate he is, and Marge feels gratitude, too. What is the reason behind this mismatched relationship’s long lifespan? To remind Homer how much good he has done. Marge begins taking steroids that make her more aggressive, leading her to rape her husband. Top 10 Reasons why Homer Simpson should divorce Marge. Plot. Get a grip on yourself old man!!! Later on in the episode, homer and marge try using "sex dice" what season and name of the episode is it? “Mismatches in the Marriage Market.” Journal of Marriage and Family 82.2 (2020): 796-809. https://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.1111/jomf.12603. This might explain why the idea that women can “fix” men through commitment remains a common trope. To a point, I understand why Marge puts up with Homer. They appear to offer to take on their fair share by the end of the episode, but viewers know it is a hollow promise. In some ways, mediocre TV spouses are simply a reflection of what’s going on in the real world. Sitcoms, especially, get mileage from the comedic tension created by pairing a subpar spouse with a competent one. There's a few reasons, Ned is the complete opposite to him. His hatred of her getting a hobby is potentially a red flag but not dump-worthy. Click UP or DOWN to vote on entries! As the women’s movement revolutionized culture in the 1970s and 1980s, TV housewives yielded to ambitious career women. Attach your videos and images! Smooth. Lovely clean spacious rooms. His recklessness with money makes his entire family unstable and stuck in poverty . The Simpsons’ Homer and Marge have been together for decades, yet on the surface, they usually seem like a terrible match. I can see why Marge would stay with early Homer though. In some episodes Homer doesn't say it before furiously strangling Bart but instead says something different (i.e. Now there's the straightforward interpretation is that Mindy and Homer just kissed, and Homer simply told Mindy that it's best she leave, going on to invite Marge to stay with him that night instead. Superficially, Homer and Marge reflect the classic “shotgun marriage”—two partners who are forced to commit by a pregnancy. A 2019 study found that there are “large deficits in the supply of potential male spouses” because available men have less-than-ideal income, education levels, and employment- so it follows that (if they want to marry a man) many women do have to settle for someone who’s less high-achieving than they are. Marge is so insecure in her relationship that she gets liposuction and implants purely to please Homer. Perhaps most importantly, Homer knows just how fortunate he is, and Marge feels gratitude, too. With her husband Homer, she has three children: Bart, Lisa, and Maggie.Marge is the moralistic force in her family and often provides a grounding voice in the midst of her family's antics by trying to maintain order in the Simpson household. I’m genuinely scared for her, what is happening to these once happy adults?? She tries to take a few measly days of holiday and her idiot family can barely hold it together without her. Homer hates it. Ca Sa Vilda Marge is a beautiful converted finca close to St Joan de Labritja. The house is clearly Homer's. Marge might also help Homer … Certainly I put some credibility to the notion of why Lois left Newport and the Pewterschmidts behind, but the idea that money and high society "changes you" doesn't explain a number of things (including where and when Lois learned to pick handcuffs.) This is not the sign of a healthy, happy marriage, people! Why does Marge never had a long term job like Homer? Homer Simpson: “So, uh, what are you in for?”, Marge Simpson: “I’m a political prisoner.” - The Simpsons 02x12. Season 19, Episode 7: “Husbands and Knives”. A night out for the stag party of Eugene Fisk (lol what do you mean who? They’re complementary opposites who accept each other’s differences and enjoy the passion sparked by the tension that creates. Meanwhile, Marge becomes depressed without Homer, but tells Bart and Lisa that she does not plan to forgive him. When she and the children finally get home, Marge tries to persuade Homer to go to church again. Why does Miss Emily's servant, Tobe, stay with her so faithfully during her life and then leave so quickly after her death in "A Rose for Emily"? We’re used to seeing this impeccable wife put up with the misbehavior of her mediocre husband, cleaning up his messes, and generally behaving more like his mother. A 2008 study published in Journal of Family Psychology found that “both spouses behaved more positively in relationships in which wives were more attractive than their husbands”. Patty is a lesbian. So, after three decades and counting, Homer and Marge give us all hope that even the most mismatched couple can find their own imperfect harmony. Even the fabulous Monty Burns took a tumble for Marge, and she rejected him. Season 13, Episode 7: “Brawl in the Family”. In fact, she first chose him over her prom date, Artie, because she realized Artie was a jerk and Homer was decent. The combination of emotional manipulation, secrecy, and grand charismatic gestures are textbook abuser material. Their relationship repeatedly falls apart but its revealed that these scenarios are a sequence of dreams. The Simpsons premiered its 27th season this weekend with an episode that featured cheating and a divorce between Marge and Homer. However, I've seen some interpret it as Homer imagining Mindy as Marge as a way to assuage his guilt by sleeping with Mindy anyway, which explains why "Marge" wearing the exact nightgown as … This is why Marge should dump Homer in The Simpsons. Fans of the Simpsons have been watching it for decades. Homer comes up with another grand gesture to win Marge over which he backtracks on the very second she forgives him. The worst part of Marge is that she doesn't sit idly by and let Homer be Homer, instead, she oftentimes snitches on him getting not just him but her entire family ostracized by their neighbors. But I worked hard on him, and now he’s a whole new person.”, Marge Simpson: “He’s a whole! Season 12, Episode 2: “A Tale of Two Springfields”. At the end of the episode, Marge successfully manages to take the gun from Homer, but keeps it herself – truly the actions of a terrorised and fearful wife. In spite of anything else, Marge genuinely loves Homer. They’re complementary opposites who accept each other’s differences and enjoy the passion sparked by the tension that creates. Season 5, Episode 9: “The Last Temptation Of Homer”. What is there to do at Marge Hotel? Throughout the years, whenever each of them are tempted by another partner, Homer fights with the temptation himself (Lurleen, Mindy) whereas Homer needs to convince Marge that their relationship is worth saving (Jacques, Caleb). How did we get here? Marge Simpson: “You took a new job in a strange town without discussing it with your family? Marge does so much housework it almost causes her to drive her car off a bridge. In the episode, Marge worries that she may be pregnant again and visits Dr. Hibbert's office. Don’t make the same mistake again Marge!!! Season 27, Episode 1, “Every Man’s Dream”. Homer is so insecure in her relationship that he gets his stomach stapled and plastic surgery purely to please Marge. Marge Simpson: “You don’t know Homer like I do. 119476810 >>119476374 >marge was suddenly flown to where homer was and wearing the same gown that mindy wore >chicken is in different place from before >marge acted a … But he steadfastly resists her charms and soon returns home, so I will, begrudgingly, give another point for Faithful Homer. Pop culture is crowded with examples of the lopsided couple. Homer and Marge Simpson’s TV marriage has survived over 30 years of onscreen ups and downs, disagreements, temptations, and disasters. https://the-take.com/watch/the-simpsons-homer-and-marge-why-women-settle The Secrets of a Successful(ly Mismatched) Marriage. A dark but accurate look at the fate of mothers worldwide. And perhaps this is another reason why the competent woman is drawn to that mediocre man — he’s clearly got room for improvement. Season 5, Episode 22: “Secrets of a Successful Marriage”. He is one of the most influential authors of all time, for the two epics provided the basis of Greek education and culture throughout the Classical age and formed the backbone of humane education down to the time of … He’s rude and annoying to all his guests at the dinner party the Simpsons are hosting – but perhaps his worst crime is openly ogling at Maude Flanders’s breasts. by Julia Pugachevsky. This is now clearly a deeply toxic relationship for both parties, and one that is not safe for children to be around. At that point, Moe, having found Homer's wallet that he left in the tavern, climbs down the 742 Evergreen Terrace chimney and tells Marge the truth about why Homer was out late on Christmas Eve. I’M SORRY MARGE BUT YOU WERE DOOMED FROM HERE ON OUT. Season 4, Episode 2: “A Streetcar Named Marge”. The go-getting career woman who’s hooked up with a slacker, or the prim, proper woman married to a man who’s morally suspect. Source(s): The Simpsons. I think it's just to signify that Bart doesn't have alot of respect and doesn't look up to Homer. And Marge should have left Homer a long time ago. Here’s our Take on why TV wives settle for mediocre men, why lopsided relationships can (counterintuitively) last, and what Homer and Marge teach us about the way real-life marriage — sometimes — works. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE MARGE. We had a really enjoyable stay at Ca Sa Vilda Marge. Homer is decidedly not such an academic star. Season 16, Episode 13: “She Used To Be My Girl”. Their marriage isn't really a "No, really, why?" She recognizes that his thoughtlessness isn’t out of malice, and deep down he has a good heart. He also tends to be lazy in his home life, content to leave the day-to-day chores or parenting duties to his wife. In response to this cultural shift, mediocre husbands on sitcoms became even more like cartoons. I still find myself deeply worried about where this relationship can possibly go from here. To make matters even worse, Homer’s wife from Vegas turns up at his doorstep. To see prices, enter your dates. Homer is insecure about his marriage in this episode and so SECRETLY FILES FOR DIVORCE from Marge so they can get remarried. So what lessons can the rest of us learn from this perfectly imperfect, balanced-by-imbalance marriage? Asking, “Why does she stay with him?” is. Homer tells the entire population of Springfield intimate details about Marge’s sex life. is one of Homer Simpson's catchphrases almost always followed by Homer strangling his son Bart Simpson for whatever reason he was provoked, usually Bart verbally insulting Homer.