"Self-assured posture and movement tells a lot about you," Turner says. 0. Learn more. 1. If someone starts causing trouble, you put on your bravest face. "You don't have to look and speak like the locals," says self-defense teacher David Blackmer, via email. Now let me preface this by saying that if you live in an area that allows for concealed … "Being street smart is not about your ego or your pride," Blackmer says. Sometimes, all it takes to stay safe is a don't-f*ck-with-me walk. Street smart is someone who knows who how to look after themselves. Show More. Would you be able to walk around the world's most dangerous cities unscathed, or do you … Stefanie Veneziano. "Wait until after a vacation to post pictures and don't 'check-in' at a hotel or airport.". If you are an Atlas User, please use this link to access the Atlas Portal. You Don't Get Easily Intimidated. Not true with the Killer Loop brand which prides itself on high-tech, street-smart and seriously attractive shades. Take this quiz to find out! (On the flip side, being book smart comes from being well-versed with books.) OR knowledge of streets. All rights reserved. So keep your cool and stay alert until you get back to safety. Street Smarts is a worthwhile business book, and I DO recommend this book to anyone interested in entrepreneurial material, however the author played a bit of a deception in the reader. I did relatively well a t school and have a university degree. "Being flexible, easy-going, and genuinely polite is usually sufficient. "You don't have to stop and have a whole conversation, but a sincere 'good morning,' works wonders on those who might otherwise make you a target," he says. While I'm not saying there is danger at every turn, it is often necessary to glance over your shoulder, or to walk a bit faster when in lonely parking garages. But that doesn't mean you let people push you around, either. "But, is most likely removing oneself from the environment." A street smart person has high emotional and situational intelligence. There are so many instances where distraction can get you into trouble. And that's why you should always make it a point to blend in. Sure, you might feel scared. Being street smart is a lot more than crushing it in Final Jeopardy. Attention! Street smarts refer to the tactical knowledge you gain through experience whereas book smarts relate to what you learn in school. Book smart people are typically much more dedicated to school work, education and furthering their intellectual knowledge of their field. If you're feeling uneasy — be it on a date, while at the bar, when visiting a neighbor — you know how and when to you excuse yourself. Education is important for all people to learn and grow, but personality types play heavily on how dedicated you are to the pursuit of knowledge. turn yourself into a target for nefarious types. "It shows them that you're not afraid of them, and that you see them as normal people, too. But, for many reasons, this is simply not a reality. 6. "Street" smarts, however, encompasses knowledge that generally cannot be learned through education but rather, from experience. Awesome. Often, that means changing the way you planned to go. "If someone bumps into you, insults you, or even looks at you in a weird way, there's no need to make a scene or change your plans.". street-smart. If a situation feels weird in any way, go ahead and take action. https://www.quora.com/What-are-some-examples-of-being-street-smart ", If someone is acting so bold as to bother you on the streets, you don't think twice before telling them to hit the bricks. When it comes to intelligence, are you more knowledgeable or savvy? Quick-thinking isn’t your forte (The correct answer is the latter, of course.) street-smart definition: 1. Book smarts refer to the education, schooling and other kinds of knowledge that one has acquired.It solely is a theoretical understanding of facts or ideas. You can’t judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. Graff believes that having the personality of a street smart person can benefit society if one knows how to channel their potential correctly. Going on vacation? Book smart people are most successful when expectations are clearly-defined. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Get my book, The Graduate Survival Guide. Blackmer tells me one way to do this is by smiling and offering a quick greeting. Survival skills cannot be taught in a book. But keeping in mind how thing might go wrong will make you less likely to have a problem. Street-smart definition, possessing or showing street smarts. If so, you always listen to your gut and avoid strolling into creepy situations. It also means acknowledging worst-case scenarios and then taking steps to prevent them — in the most casual way possible. So, do you know how to keep yourself safe? And when it comes to street smarts, that's really where it's at. Street smart people have their keys handy, always stay alert, and learn directions before they leave. Watch your money. 2.Earning money. They know when bad guys are about to kick off and start something. Why Making Kids Street Smart is a Smart Choice for Parents. "Street smart people are able to assess situations and make safe, smart decisions," Singleton says. (The louder, the better.). People with a healthy dose of street smarts never turn themselves into an easy target. Does that shady alley look, well, shady? That is a completely false assertion. Street smart definition: Someone who is street smart knows how to deal with difficult or dangerous situations,... | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples And that's totally OK. Always a good idea. See more. "Those with malicious intent are looking for weak victims, not individuals willing to face them," Blackmer says. They are always alert, but not to the point of freaking out for no reason. Being street smart can lead to book smarts as the street smart sense what works and what doesn’t, and adapt accordingly. So put those shoulders back and stride forth with confidence. What's the difference? Read on for some signs you have street smarts, as well as what to do if you don't. Yahoo is part of Verizon Media. You’ve been tested and have a bank of courage to depend on when you are tested again. You know where your car is, have your keys ready, and make sure to check in with people once you get home. 4.Not taking candy from strangers. It’s clear that some people have better judgment than others. Or have scars. Street smarts means you’ve put yourself at risk and survived. Far from paranoia, these are simply precautions that keep you safe. Street smart people, on the other hand, don’t tend to enjoy education as much and will prefer to engage in sports and other activities whilst at scho… Street smarts definition is - the quality of being streetwise. It is best to travel down … 0. A term with dual meaning, a "street smart" person is one who "knows the streets" of a heavily-populated, urban area.It is also often used to mean a character with an extremely pragmatic and insightful mentality that is applied to being able to survive the mean "streets" of Real Life by dealing with other people. ... On the other hand, people who are good at dealing with practical life problems have lots of street-smarts. Information about your device and internet connection, including your IP address, Browsing and search activity while using Verizon Media websites and apps. Examples: 1.Avoiding trouble. Street smart, which is the shrewd resourcefulness needed to survive in an urban environment (be it people management, project management, or business management), comes from experience. "Strongly and assertively saying a simple command such as 'back off' is often enough to put a potential attacker to flight," Turner says. Street-smart sentence examples. Maybe you're fumbling for your keys, or burying your face in a map, or staring into your phone. "A great synonym for street smarts is having common sense," says SafeWise safety expert Sarah Brown, in an email to Bustle. Not to brag, but if I had to rate my survival skills on a scale … → streetwise. The truth is, being book smart and street smart has a lot more to do than just your upbringing and personality. Some people are analytically intelligent (or book smart). Government work and school settings are good for book smart people. And now he's parking right next to you. For example, “smart" can describe someone who is very neat-looking. They know when to stand up for themselves and when they're in over their head and need to exit. Another word for street smart. "That way, should something come up, you have left a clear trail of your whereabouts," Singleton says. Yes, that person behind you is driving aggressively. Book Smart VS. Street Smart. Just make sure you don't give out all the details on your public Facebook page. 0. You can’t judge a fish on its ability to climb a tree. For example, 25% of people on social media have posted something they later regretted, the divorce rate in the US is 50%, and over the past decade the tattoo removal industry has grown 440%.. Everyone makes ‘street smarts’ out to be something that you can and should learn, like … "Having street smarts means knowing how to respond in different situations ... and paying attention to your surroundings.". When it comes time to leave work, or head home after a party, you always have a plan. In the beginning he emphasizes that his knowledge of business comes from street smarts, beginning with the lessons he learned on the street from his father. If you are an applicant attempting to complete a PPP Application, please reach out to your Bank or Credit Union for assistance. /// Define Street Smart: Examples The basic street smart definition is being aware of your surroundings and making wise decisions based on your senses in urban environments. As I said, I definitely feel that I am more of a book smart individual than a common sense smart kind of person. But you'd never give off those vibes. "Multiple studies have shown the way you walk has an effect on how likely you are to get mugged." → streetwise 2. If you've ever toured a new city — or gotten stuck behind people touring yours — then you know how travelers stick out like a sore thumb. You wouldn't dream of counting your money on the subway, or walking down the street with an open purse. Basically common sence that some people do not have. Street smarts often act out in school because they’re forced to learn in ways that don’t make use of their talents. Do you get out and flip him the bird, or calmly go on with your day? Find more ways to say street smart, along with related words, antonyms and example phrases at Thesaurus.com, the world's most trusted free thesaurus. That's why having your eyes (and ears) open is so important. 2021 Bustle Digital Group. In the book Street Smart Kids: Common Sense for the Real World, author Gordon Meyers talks about how people who are street smart develop a keen sense of situation awareness that affords them a distinct advantage over others as they steer through life, and it all starts at a very young age. Street smart entrepreneurs practice this discipline until it is not work. Are You Book Smart, or Street Smart? 0. Not need to street-smart style in its sixth annual i like to. All the literature trivia in the world you may know won’t help you get out of a parking ticket. And yes, you might be totally lost. We and our partners will store and/or access information on your device through the use of cookies and similar technologies, to display personalised ads and content, for ad and content measurement, audience insights and product development. Or thrived. "By keeping your head up and aware of your surroundings, you can take away the element of surprise; a common tactic of attackers," says Jill Turner, from San Francisco-based safety device company ROBOCOPP. street-smart style in its sixth annual i like to. It may not feel like a big deal, but these are all great ways to turn yourself into a target for nefarious types, Turner tells me. When it comes to intelligence, are you more knowledgeable or savvy? Of course you know not to pick fights or get mixed … "Social media gives everyone, including strangers, a clear view into your world, leaving you vulnerable and exposed," says SafeWise safety expert Sage Singleton, in an email to Bustle. This ties into ‘street smarts’ inasmuch as ‘street smarts’ is a euphemism in my estimation for the simple skill and experience of navigating a large (6+ million population) metropolitan city. To enable Verizon Media and our partners to process your personal data select 'I agree', or select 'Manage settings' for more information and to manage your choices. Nothing screams "I have zero street smarts" quite like walking to your car at night whilst wearing headphones or checking your phone. 3.Looking for oncoming traffic when crossing a road. And that's exactly what street smarts are. Recent Examples on the Web Put your financial ideas and business plans on hold during the first half of January, when your street smarts are on a downhill trend.