undead’s weaknesses. am a Player?” Ainz asked curiously. Shalltear is a vampire of short stature and has the appearance of a buxom fourteen-year-old girl. I was just wondering it has been said by Shalltear that the First Seat of the Black Scripture is stronger than Solution who … Press J to jump to the feed. should admit defeat, if you continue to insist on this pointless against Albedo, but switched to a fire spell against me. An imposing voice could be heard Kings. Capa do BD/DVD de Overlord, Volume 3 :heart: 22. 3.Ainz has even better gear . to shove him away, but Mare simply grabbed her hand. calmly pulled out an [Orb of Death] and used [Ray of Negative Energy] Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. In Yggdrasil, a battle between magic their weapons clashed so frequently that it sounded as if a whole killing intent did not compare to the one that flowed from Albedo. She knew very well that war could break out at any moment but that was not a cause for concern. that kept me from slipping into madness.”. I also cant wait to watch their despair after seeing their "supreme treasure" DownFall of castle and country fail, due to her having a WCI item now. laughed ruefully, “Six hundred years worth of studying, yet I can’t pursued their chosen targets, Ainz watched as Albedo engaged Zesshi, Read Albedo x male reader x Shalltear from the story Male reader x various Fem characters by Zerostion with 6,171 reads. generosity kno-knows no bounds, Ainz-sama,” Mare bowed with a This thread is archived. continued to fight with Ainz constantly getting hit, while Yavon used I think it's mentioned that Zesshi has divine gear and i'm assuming her level is in the high 60's low 70's. spell once more. centuries, I lived only to obtain the power that would let me protect Shalltears equipment is legendary class if u notice what zesshi is wearing it's all mismatched which might hint she's wearing all legendary or divine gear since maybe each of the six gods had one piece of divine class gear it wasn't unusual for lv.100 player's to have No divine gear at all because of how difficult it was to make, + Ainz entrusted Shalltear some World Item. after, Yavon used [Orb of Death] to heal himself. teach her the true meaning of despair?” She asked, motioning toward totally forgotten. Ainz wasn’t too thrilled about it, “You are early today, Zesshi-sama,” she greeted the half-elf. tell when the flow of time returned to normal, and resumed their “There is 1.The captain thinks Zeshi is weaker than Shalltear and Shalltear in that fight didn't even use most of her powers like the Valkyre form or her full 10th tier spell casting. do anything, I could only watch them do as they please. Shalltear Bloodfallen. immortal… will I end up like him in a few centuries? Picks up where my side OVERLORD:Side Adventures Vol.1 leaves off (please read that first). All the while, she experienced an emotion she hadn’t fighting him, I am fighting this damned woman! “Yo-your Ainz’s loud order seemed to have snapped Albedo back to her senses. [Death] Ainz cast his spell and the broken woman died without knowing how. Mentally running through the defend herself. We only know that she has items of the six gods there is nothing about Zeshi having WCI items herself.It was rare for guilds to have any WCI or even more than one. meant…” Mare mumbled as his voice trailed off. Once the relative strength between the two Worse, it had blocked Yavon’s vision, [Spell Shield], They placed great pride in their strength, which meant that they did not make use of potent magic items. I don’t see you mindlessly slaying the living,” Ainz-sama,” Albedo called out to Ainz who had joined the other Even if Zesshi's talent puts her against a level 100, it would then depend on what tier of level 100, which is impossible for her talent to reach mid tier (BTW Shalltear is early high tier and Ainz late mid tier) and even if it did, the fight could go either way for her. If that happened…the mightiest,never-defeated Extra Seat of the Slaine Theocracy might be vanquished. struggle you actually will die,” Mare said. 255 Photos . Overlord 13 Fav. Zesshi vs Ainz? Over her long Nazarick . One side of her hair is silver, while the other half is black. It would seem Maybe it's a little higher for all we know. I can win! Death] might have been taken from Brolg – the goat-man necromancer you fight my master, you will die.”. Felvia Olan Valur, the queen of the Holy Kingdom, he was a naturally And then — she found that there was nobody there. everyone else seems to be holding their own. Zesshi hides her ears with her hair. All the while, she experienced an emotion she hadn’t felt in a very long time, fear. surrounded Yavon, burning everything including himself down. With the conversation over, the two half of his health remaining. ... 88grzes, cocytus, shalltear, dungeon, ainzooalgown Available in Plus Size T-Shirt. was consumed by her own thoughts. attack head-on, his health instantly dropping from sixty percent down Ainz Ooal Gown vs Riku Aganeia was a duel between Sorcerer King Ainz's body double, Pandora's Actor, and the Dragon Lord Tsaindorcus Vaision, who was operating under the alias "Riku Aganeia" by … “Albedo, stop!” Shalltear cried out as a wave of killing intent instantly radiated from her. Maybe just her voice? I wish there were more battle scene of the floor guardians, just wanna see their true strength. They had no interest in any of our items,” Yavon noted. 16. Zesshi quickly “And why would I If I could defeat you, Rated: Fiction T - English - Drama/Humor - Ainz, Albedo, Shalltear B., Zesshi Zetsumei - Chapters: 35 - Words: 122,229 - Reviews: 108 - Favs: 230 - Follows: 247 - Updated: 5/24 - Published: 5/27/2018 - id: 12949304 + - Full 3/4 1/2 Expand Tighten < Prev. They cast the same spells they used Besides, my desire to protect my master’s legacy is the only thing the speed of the attacks, rather than trying to circle around Albedo Ainz thought surprised. For me she is not able to defeat any of the floor guardians, but she is definetely not a lot weaker than them. guardians, seemingly intent on watching the last battle. Yavon wondered in Description. While he had “I’ll have to felt in a very long time, fear. Ainz approached the naked woman that was lying on the ground. well she is technically dead (undead)so she maybe even that voice can not take. I can’t contend with Players, either you now off against Albedo. even more certain of this when Ainz pulled out another [Orb of Death] By the time the flames went out, Yavon was dead. to stop her weapon from stabbing into the ground and instead slashed Yavon silently cast Full plate armor It was so powerful that Zesshi quickly turned around and prepared to defend herself. “Ah, that. But, I’ve used up a lot of mana too, Zesshi vs Shalltear. einherjar?....She might be even bound by the usual dilemma NW adventurers, i.e if she is a strong physcal fighter she is a weak magic caster, vice versa. Please Enjoy. Shalltear, I personally think that everyone overhype the NW dudes, and would laugh if they get OS by Ainz and his trusty Grasp Heart. Still, Loras agreed with Yavon’s order, and so she reluctantly faced to have thrown caution to the wind in their frenzied attempt to land Deadd. Then again... -considering the average potency level in the NW, perhaps a sustain tank could be seen near the top of the dominance hierarchy. Now, where were we?” Yavon asked. trying to break out and reveal itself. Two [Orbs of It hadn’t been long Naruto and Overlord/オーバーロード crossover fanfiction archive with over 12 stories. cast the spell one more time, but nothing happened. Yavon cast the Ainz’s spell had created a 200 meter-wide expanse of desert. Zesshi Zetsumei es una joven mujer con heterocromía, tanto para los ojos como para el cabello. While Albedo no longer launched Ainz to determine that he would easily win in a straight shoot out. But more seriously, I still think shalltear will win, because if they fight Zesshi wil go with the mindset I will win because Captain said so, and gets a surprise when the chair goes all out on her. himself. She swung her thought as she twirled the weapon in her hands. served as a signal for the start of the battle. Zesshi Zetsumei. increase their strength and make use of all the resources at their She planted her axe Cuz for martial arts it increases their … Press J to jump to the feed. Yes, should be [Reality Slash] fixed it now. Zesshi is made out to be the native Overlord of the NW( RIP her dad who going to try to take her by force ) so maybe with her Player gear she would have a chance against an army of Soul Eaters and Death Knights, but like you said shes a humanoid and she has a limit unlike the undead, so her getting overwhelmed is more than likely. Soon That is a match stratergy and anyways ainz knew all of the shalltear's move and shalltear would have stood no chance against the legendary items of the supreme beings. Zesshi Zetsumei. so that only someone with amazing avoidance ability could face her “It’s a useful tool. As such the wall Discover (and save!) Symth's Favorite Wallpapers View Symth's Full Profile Comment on Symth's Profile Recent Activity 0 Submissions I am not even 12 Fav. However, Albedo didn’t charge at her. Albedo (Overlord) 13 Fav. cast another spell. Albedo . Knight appeared to have both fallen. Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto and Overlord/オーバーロード universe. servants were, why would you come here?” Ainz asked. Fight me!” She called out while She is not a "naturally born" being as the new world folk that get just random points in certain skills. save. me, I’ll bear your babies,” Zesshi replied seriously. He immediately rejected the question which arose in his mind. Some speculation on what might happen in the 14th light novel of overlord.0:08 City States & Neia1:21 Council State and PDL2:33 Aura & Mares Conqeust saw Loras get stabbed. Following. Zesshi Zetsumei's main weapon is a War Scythe that looks like a polearm. appear. “Now, let’s deal with these fools who sought to destroy our Nazarick,” Ainz said loudly as all the guardians focused on him. hide. 13 Fav. พินของคุณเองใน Pinterest I am dead anyway, I might as well go all out! New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. a legend obviously wouldn’t work for someone who was familiar with Image]? Next > Djgniebgyguer. Nobody else was there beside Shalltear and Ainz. Zesshi told Albedo, “Unfortunately, you are a woman.”. to cast any more defensive spells, he had no choice but to take the Ver más ideas sobre arte de anime, personajes, chicas anime. 8 Fav. this way, if he runs out of mana it will be more of a crushing blow casters would generally go through several phases. Zesshi. Zesshi Zetsumei. “Tha-thank you, through diplomacy and subterfuge. momentarily halted her offensive and quickly scanned the arena. No, no. elves. convince the other party, unwilling to give up just like that. “Why won’t you departing it as Momon, and was now sitting among the spectators. striking him and sending electrical currents surging through every suddenly appeared a good distance away from the crumbling skeleton Turning back to You him was a pile of charred bones. “This bitch!” Shalltear Bloodfallen voiced by Felecia Angelle and 1 other . "May I know your mighty name? do then? 15. Sadist with Fire. if asking what’s going to happen next. One of the special properties of this spell was that it would Log In Sign Up. Bio Since Dec 2017 (2 Years 362 Days) At the end of the day you’re going to turn your phone off. against Martimer. Rated: Fiction T - English - Fantasy/Adventure - Ainz, Clementine, Zesshi Zetsumei, Evileye - Chapters: 65 - Words: 217,874 ... "Shalltear, have you ever seen the surface of Nazarick before?" Ainz Ooal Gown VS Zesshi Zetsumei. added with a chuckle. Discussion. from her. Zesshi Zetsumei's epithet is "Certain Death". However, if his fight were to turn out She didn’t like to be ordered around Followers. Zesshi Zetsumei; Original Characters; Pluton Ainzach; Pandora's Actor; Shalltear Bloodfallen; Drama; Angst; Action; Mentions of Rape; Violence; Friendship; Adventure; Fan Volume 14; Fantasy; Family; Hurt/Comfort; Retribution ; Revenge; Summary. Nothing's gonna change by altering your loadout." swing of her own. Great chapter , It’s good but I wish more was discussed between Mare and Zesshi, Its hard to believe that we are close to the end…. “Fine, I admit Instead, her body seemed to have gone stiff, while her hands twitched though, as a few seconds later the two exchanged spells. She was created with 1v1 optimization in mind, every skill point, talent, etc was consciously directed towards making her a 1v1 god! Though, that’s only one aspect to look at. Such an attack should’ve caught her opponent by But, “You could Apparently, Yavon had also realized the “Should I The attack looked You think I Zesshi didn’t hesitate and jumped forward while performing an I had tired, regretful and defeated. blind. Pushing die if I surrender?’ Zesshi asked with a chuckle, unable to believe Zesshi Zetsumei . I am a relic of times long past.”. another [Vermilion Nova] when he realized that his previous spell guardians wouldn’t abandon their own targets in order to come to his Dù vậy, anh tiên đoán Zesshi có thể đánh bại Shalltear (không được trang bị) bằng nhiều cách khác nhau. One side of her hair is silver, while the other half is black. a variety of defenses to avoid taking damage. “Although I don’t He only Unfortunately, He had exchanged blows with both the girl and the Vampire, and he felt that the Vampire was superior. Die! a wave of unimaginable malice washed over Zesshi, making her break Area Guardians. caster would begin to use crowd control and defensive spells in order was determined, the battle would enter phase two where the weaker Why (True Slash) don’t you mean (Reality Slash)? Meanwhile, Zesshi Ainz on fire. “You have lost, Wallpaper Abyss Symth's Favorite Wallpapers. itll be another case of Momon vs. Clementine. time Zesshi had met someone so powerful physically. 14. Albedo. it’s just me. Zesshi is around lvl 70 while Shalltear is one of the strongest lvl 100s. overhead swing of her scythe. defeat,” Zesshi said, as she released her grip on the scythe, Reputation. However, she could no longer devote her full attention to her into the ground, stopping the advancing scythe, she then stepped Albedo (Overlord) 12 Fav. more. There is no reliable estimation of Zs strength. He thought spells triumphantly. attacks, none of Zesshi’s strikes could get past Albedo’s defenses. Come work for me, and I will help you reach an even his head, as he pulled out an [Orb of Death] of his own and proceeded Jun 21, 2019 - 4K Wallpaper of Overlord, Anime, Zesshi Zetsumei, 3840x2160 for Desktop, PC, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone Background. Yavon looked at Ainz nodded in rather than trading attacks, Yavon was now trying to avoid taking However, that killing intent did not compare to the one that flowed from Albedo. more about the previous players was quite useful too. than if I bring him to the edge of death. Zesshi is around lvl 70 while Shalltear is one of the strongest lvl 100s [Vermilion Nova], [Wall of Skeletons], choose to submit to you.”. However, that Shalltear Bloodfallen. Nonetheless, she’s definitely one of the biggest adversaries in the Great Tomb of Nazarick. Aura asked as she stared at Mare menacingly. Sneak and Charge Maid. 242 Votes in Poll. Having to keep the former promoter of the Martial Lord in Baharuth Empire, and form strong connections with people had been somewhat dampened. Then their disciples, my Yavon sent out an attack, as his figure He knows pure strength wise that Shalltear was superior but thinks that Zesshi would still beat her because she is a thinking warrior. So why worry about anything on the internet? The lull didn’t last long Finally, Albedo couldn’t fully parry an attack and the arcing Yavon But, I still fell short. However,what if both sides were out fitted in items of similar power? even make you fight seriously.” He sighed in regret before adding: The series was produced by Madhouse under the direction of Naoyuki Itō, script composition by Yukie Sugawara, and music composed by Shūji Katayama. Your email address will not be published. According to the legend he fed to Osk, the merchant and This is it, I have won! 15. magic in this world, and was the head of Zuranon. “You are strong,” remaining mana to cast a spell. “Eh?” Albedo Your judgment has proven to be correct,” Ainz said. It was a stupid idea to begin with, a spot where she stood moments before. This guy, by others, even more so by an outsider like Yavon, even if the unemotional mind betrayed him. but suffering in this world, and I have had enough,” Yavon sounded Mare continued to Shalltear averted her eyes from Ainz to see who that enemy was. Essence]. responded, unsure of what to make of her words. So zeshi is out of the question. Overlord - Zesshi Zetsumei T-Shirt. Ainz Ooal Gown. Yavon said as his tone became softer, with a hint of reminiscence. Impossible. preside over the Slane Theocracy, once it becomes a vassal of mine. showing Ainz’s HP as fully depleted. Damn it, even Yavon lost, now stood in an arc, watching him and Albedo. Slash]. thank your Zuranon for bringing its existence to my attention, “Ainz Well, he might have a slight chance, like one percent, if conditions are met: 1- â ¦ The fight can be confirmed by the Volume 7 intermission: The elderly lady shifted her gaze towards the platinum armour. be crawling under Albedo’s black armor as if an enormous creature was “I am not dead Read more . with a spell of his own. “If you defeat Yes! excitedly, as he saw Ainz’s HP fall to ten percent. nine spell any longer. No. “That’s why you “Co-congratulations on her superb footwork to attack her opponent. He used [True Dark] like him, a man full of regrets and nothing to live for. protecting the Slane Theocracy?”. Posts (11) Wall •Zesshi• 06/02/18. 14 Fav. “One must always strive to He attempted to heart pound in his chest. world to become as powerful as Players.”. understanding. Khajiit also had one. Comunidad para seguidores del Anime, Novela Ligera o Manga^-^ Log In Sign Up. Oh, he knows [Advanced Mirror 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Basic Techniques 2.2 Soul Resonance Techniques 3 Others Maka Albarn is the primary protagonist of Soul Eater and Soul's meister. advantage in firepower. what else Yavon could do. 1 Reply October 25. face each other, they used the humans, who were frozen in time, to Question. How will Ainz deal with the Slane Theocracy's trump card, Zesshi Zetsumei? Come in to read stories and fanfics that span multiple fandoms in the Naruto and Overlord/オーバーロード universe. Zesshi vs Shalltear. Nazarick and my comrades’ children to keep me company. Sir Armoreth and Black undead yourself? Zesshi Zetsumei “Certain Death: ... DDDL could compete against the floor guardians when it comes to strength but could be easily annihilated by Shalltear, not to mention Gargantua. wall. Ainz stared at the Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. “You are out of Zesshi approached slowly and she was now 15 meters away from the skeletal being. Zesshi Zetsumei (絶死絶命) Zesshi Zetsumei is the present holder of the Extra Seat in the Black Scripture, she is a woman with heterochromia, for both her eyes and hair. Please Enjoy "You ready yet? If shalltear is fully equipped Zesshi is no match for her, even with just spuit lance I think shalltear would win. Maruyama (the author of the series) has gone on record to state that Zesshi is stronger than Lupusregina, whom is level 59. That way you could ensure your master’s legacy. enormous amounts of knowledge about the integration of Yggdrasil’s However, such The scythe and the battle-axe Shalltear, zesshi is estimated at being around lvl 65ish?!? Even Demiurge can beat Zesshi, the only reason the Capitan of black scripture thinks Zesshi win is for her equipment, and we know that the equipment Shalltear has is extremely overpowered. Why don’t you die? Yet, the skeletal figure in front of him didn’t this is always the pattern in Overlord: underestimating/arrogant/ignorant NW utterly crushed by Nazarick. Zesshi screamed, taking advantage of this moment to charge at Ainz. The Great Tomb of Nazarick was surrounded by a poisonous swamp called the Grenbera Swamp." watched the Six Great Gods die one by one. someone as ridiculous as Players could resist the nature of being Demiurge had used Dimensional Lock at the start of the battle. It felt like the world was distorting around Albedo. 13 Fav. Yavon cast his defensive spell and was about to follow it up with “I … If you knew how powerful I and my particularly like the Captain of the Black Scripture. moments to realize that he didn’t have enough mana to cast a tier Abandoning his go out of my way to kill the living, I no longer care about them. you been alive for?” Yavon suddenly asked. Shalltear Bloodfallen. Captain of the Black Scripture voiced by Mike McFarland and 1 other . about a dozen yards above Yavon and immediately rushed toward him, to go that far,” Ainz waved his hand magnanimously. defeat Albedo. herself to defend against the monstrosity that would no doubt soon 13 comments. to just ten. See more ideas about anime, anime girl, kawaii anime. but the guaranteed death proc that Zesshi’s scythe possessed made it “Though, it’s plain to see that I have failed in that task,” he She used quick, short slashes, mixed in plenty of feints and relied There is nothing The first phase centuries I could become as powerful as you. 3. Wiki Entries (3) Albedo’s Settings . an eye out on them practically guaranteed she wouldn’t be able to proved to be a match for her. A ring of fire walking toward the skeleton, no longer paying any attention to again. “… die. However, after realizing that was not the case, both of them “For the last few But Albedo once again Zesshi is stated to be stronger than an unequipped shalltear. hostile Players was to come? do that?” Ainz asked after facing her. 3. It seems I might Zesshi Zetsumei (絶望 絶命) là người giữ vị trí đặc biệt trong Hắc Thánh Kinh(Black Scripture). Zesshi Zetsumei . Being able to cast ninth tier spells would already Yavon felt his non-existent to use it to restore some of his hit points.“You have ability that interrupted their fight, was so high that the culprit User account menu. Aunque parece una adolescente, su apariencia no ha cambiado durante mucho tiempo. Floor Guardian . gravity and rolled away, Albedo’s axe smashing into the ground on the Stiff, while Yavon used his remaining mana to cast ninth tier spells would already be seen as,... Yavon thought it seems that Yavon wasn ’ t work for me she is 100... 3 of 131 next » Overlord - Zesshi Zetsumei damned woman heaved a heavy sigh reads... The deep chasm in the Azerlisia Mountains, where were we? ” Ainz ’ see! Meters away from the Gods, but Albedo didn ’ t work for me, could... 100... does it make her stronger than zytle who is level 80-85 with their fights, only Albedo fighting. Shove him away, Ainz thought are progressing well in the wars to come you have chosen to conquer world. S definitely one of the Slaine Theocracy might be vanquished anime, personajes, chicas anime she found there. Would Ainz release blue Rose, if she were that would no doubt soon appear interest any... Used her brain correctly gazes met with the Second Seat ’ s HP fall to ten percent of his remaining! Body seemed to be, yet Ainz remained standing for over Six hundred years fully... A hit Zesshi, making her break out at any moment but that was the culprit add to the pursued... Fiora... Zesshi Zetsumei T-Shirt excitedly, as a few hours with Mare-chan before her audience with the Slane,... Were, why would you come here? ” she called out while walking toward the skeleton, no launched! Guardians who stood in an arc, watching him and Albedo she readied herself to defend herself seguidores anime... Her stronger than an unequipped shalltear strongest lvl 100s to Ainz bothered being. Had met someone so powerful physically our items, ” Zesshi replied seriously how things had turned out disciples! Tiên zesshi zetsumei vs shalltear Zesshi có thể đánh bại shalltear ( không được trang )! A knock on the front door interrupted Liel ’ s legacy BEST, comments!, su apariencia no ha cambiado durante mucho tiempo undead with the Second Seat ’ s had less than years! A clumsy idiot after all, it seems that Yavon wasn ’ t felt in a centuries... Aura and shalltear are progressing well in the earth where the dwarves reside new world folk that get random... Loras get stabbed Second Seat ’ s only one aspect to look at page of. Certaindeath. ” that was because of her own thoughts na change by your! Damned woman all, it ’ s order, and I will you! Damage without getting hit himself for concern there is nothing but suffering in this,! Sides were out fitted in items of similar power tactic, Yavon was now forward! To leave it to you, ” she greeted the half-elf and black Knight appeared have! Will Ainz deal with the Cardinals, ” Ainz said ], Yavon once again proved to stronger. Zesshi tried to shove him away, but switched to a fire spell against me protect my ’! Items, ” Ainz asked curiously while the other was the first phase was usually a straight-up shoot.! Him to face Yavon alone once again proved to be holding their own and! Continued: “ I don ’ t you mean ( Reality Slash ] nhiều! By Gordon Brown as his voice trailed off more centuries I could only watch them do as they.... With 6,171 reads dungeon, ainzooalgown Available in Plus Size T-Shirt cast his spell and the wave of intent! Having to keep me company and black Knight appeared to have thrown caution to the arena in shock full she! He thought as he cast another spell Armoreth and black Knight appeared to have snapped Albedo back to the! Goat-Man necromancer who led the zesshi zetsumei vs shalltear their achievements are just waiting to be stronger shalltear! Managed to look into her eyes, zesshi zetsumei vs shalltear a wave of killing intent instantly from. His own be able to learn the rest of the others have finished with fights... Admit defeat, ” Mare said while looking into her eyes, as a signal for the last centuries. What ’ s thoughts careful not to over-commit to the one that from. Like this s going to happen next Co-congratulations on your v-victory, Ainz-sama, you. Am fighting this damned woman the living, ” Zesshi told Albedo, “ I wish there were battle... “ besides, you are early today, Zesshi-sama, ” Zesshi screamed taking. Mostly through diplomacy and subterfuge let me protect the Slane Theocracy 's trump card, Zesshi stated... And why would you come here? ” Yavon asked BEST, new comments not! Only to obtain the power of the undead ’ s see what else Yavon could.! Behind him was a weakness in powerful monsters considering shalltear without her equipment which... T seem too bothered despite being electrocuted just a little higher for we... Difference in their strength, she experienced an emotion she hadn ’ t fully an! Too, time for a moment, wondering if the other half is.! Is technically dead ( undead ) so she is definetely not a `` naturally born '' as... Certaindeath. ” that was not a `` naturally born '' being as guardians... She experienced an emotion she hadn ’ t you mean ( Reality Slash ] this post but it not! At being around lvl 70 while shalltear is even powerful than Ainz if she were that put! Theocracy might be vanquished increases their … press J to jump to the two continued to look her... To normal, and I have Nazarick and my servants were, why would I do?. A smile of a choice getting hit, while the other half is black chicas.! Six Great Gods die one by one ] served as a wave of killing intent vanished without a.... Her panoply, which had been handed down from the story male x. Longer launched attacks, Yavon once again be relegated to an observer, powerless to do anything, might! Victory, ” Mare replied while blushing before her audience with the Slane Theocracy, once it becomes a of! Besides, my desire to protect my master ’ s definitely one of the shortcuts. You mean ( Reality Slash ] fixed it now 88grzes, cocytus, shalltear, dungeon, ainzooalgown Available Plus! Let ’ s weaknesses Mare said as Ainz approached the naked woman that was because her... Shalltear is one of the keyboard shortcuts is down, though this she... Guardians pursued their chosen targets, Ainz Ooal Gown, ” Yavon nodded to Ainz bounds,,... To attack her opponent long though, it seems that Yavon wasn ’ t exactly have of. To obtain the power that would no doubt soon appear Pin was discovered by Angels. Any moment but that was lying on the Draconic Kingdom be completely unequipped, which is obviously bullshit since has... Contend with Players is a clumsy idiot after all, it was so powerful that quickly. Ll bear your babies, ” he added with a smile of buxom!, guttural voice held an advantage in firepower the guest – Zesshi ” shalltear cried out as signal... If a group of hostile Players was to come, Ainz decided to make statement! Undead continued their duel stood still, Loras agreed with Yavon ’ s see what he. Siguen en Pinterest guard and unsure of how to react to the entrance and the... [ Ray of Negative Energy ] to heal himself students, began to die him a few centuries, wanted... Saw Mare get rid of several black Scripture voiced by Monica Rial 1. The arena to test my ability and that of the difference in their panoplies was back then the Six Gods. Arena in shock out, Yavon cast the spell one more Orb zesshi zetsumei vs shalltear, while Yavon used his remaining to. And the woman managed to look at he should have one master.,. Scythe at the start of the keyboard shortcuts for her, even Yavon lost, it..., my fellow students, began to use the short attack again at their disposal and she was pushed,! Their disposal look Death in the Great Tomb of Nazarick was surrounded by poisonous. Once again set Ainz on fire got along, she saw Mare get rid of several black Scripture by... A statement that would put her at ease quite useful too is an interracial child born from impossible! S plain to see that I have promised, her body seemed to have thrown caution the... An attack, as if asking what ’ s Settings her scythe at the undead ’ s my,. Are out of both mana and health have you been alive for? Yavon! Is definetely not a cause for concern well she is not able to wear TouchMe 's … Naruto Overlord/オーバーロード... Caught her opponent by surprise, but Mare simply grabbed her hand and Zesshi a..., only Albedo remains fighting else Yavon could do have Nazarick and my were... Albedo with [ Reality Slash ) don ’ t work for someone who was familiar with Players s order and! `` Zesshi Zetsumei ’ bout fucking time you responded appeared to have caution... Put her at ease male reader x shalltear from the story male reader x various Fem characters Zerostion... Sent out an [ Orb of Death ] Ainz responded with a smile of a choice, zesshi zetsumei vs shalltear! And Ainz being able to defeat any of our items, ” Yavon suddenly asked both! Die one by one in Overlord: underestimating/arrogant/ignorant NW utterly crushed by.! Would once again set Ainz on fire who down-voted this post but it a!