Having worked alongside Peron Tuning in developing the tuning packages for the Fiesta ST we know the 1.6 EcoBoost inside out. If I could find someone over here to put in an LSD I’d consider the turbo upgrade, but so far no one wants to talk to me about that. Description; Description. Now making a genuine 207bhp with 150ftlbs and still N/A. Contact the team to book in! Mk7 Fiesta ST Billet Oil Filler Cap Sold Out. Quantity. Join. Angel Tuning Remap. Fiesta MK8 ST CP1 Software – Workshop Install. Ford’s official claims of 197hp and 207ft/lbs show to be a little conservative when the Fiesta ST is actually put on a chassis dyno. 146. We also offer a full HD version of your final video runs on a re-usable brand new 8GB USB key for only £20. Having recent seat time in both a ’69 Camaro SS 396 and two Gen6 Camaro SS 1LEs, I wanted to compare the Camaro experience between generations that are 50 years apart. First off we had the simple Stage 1 upgrades that saw power increased to around 215-220bhp. Power Torque; Stock: 200ps: 214lbft: REVO Stage 1 Software: from 233ps to 252ps: from 251lbft to 266lbft: ONLY THE DRIVEN. The package requires the Turbo Technics Hybrid Turbocharger, a free flow de-catted exhaust, less restrictive air filter and the Airtec stage 3 intercooler to already be fitted to your vehicle. This week at Quantum HQ we have had this 2016 Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 EcoBoost on our dyno for development work and remapping. 188. Quantity. Stage 2 Performance Software has been specifically developed to attain the best possible performance from the ST with a performance turbo back exhaust, high flow air intake and uprated intercooler. Pretty sure the Fiesta ST is 6MTT250 (rated up to 285Nm) Thanks a lot mate, so with a rica remap lets say, at 225Nm i would run into trouble in the long run? Rear Motor Mount. Then again, a stock Fiesta ST already has trouble putting its power down without spinning the wheels, so huge gains may not be desirable in a little car like this for many folks. A true hot hatch. The new 3 cylinder turbocharged 1.5 EcoBoost engine in the Ford Fiesta ST Mk8 is smaller than the Mk7 but packs even more of a punch. Thanks in advance :) ... For fans/owners of the Ford Fiesta ST. 12.9k. Total cost including vat = £449.00 fitted. Hello, Ive recently bought a Fiesta ST-line 100BHP and im thinking about remapping it. Charge Pipe Upgrade Kit [Mk7 Fiesta ST] from £149.17 GBP. FSWERKS Aluminum Shift Bracket Bushing Kit - Ford Focus ST 2013-2018, Focus RS 2016+, Fiesta ST 2014+ Sale price $27 95 $27.95 Regular price $29 95 $29.95 On Sale 59. The package requires the Turbo Technics S280 Turbocharger, a free flow de-catted exhaust, less restrictive air filter and the Airtec stage 3 intercooler to already be fitted to your vehicle. Up to 241 bhp capable with 98 + octane fuels. Suits all Fiesta ST180 EcoBoost Software versions. Cat Back Exhaust [Mk7 Fiesta ST] Sold Out. 36 months - £28.52/mo. We used The Smoking Tire’s numbers for this, which were done using 91 octane in California. First time I went to overtake in the ST I put my foot down and realised I was rapidly approaching imminent danger. Chip Tuning options available, Rev limit removal, Speed limit removal. There isn’t too much room left for major gains with the stock turbo. Enhancing the vehicle with Revo ECU Software gives you much more than increased power and torque. In the Fiesta Red & Black (now ST-Line) it makes an impressive 140PS as standard, and pulls remarkably well for such a tiny capacity three-cylinder unit. Smooth and Safe Power delivery. Europe uses RON, US uses (R+M)/2. The package requires a suitably specified hybrid turbocharger, a free flow exhaust, less restrictive air filter and an uprated intercooler to already be fitted to your vehicle. You should know up front that the factory tune on the Fiesta ST is already pretty aggressive. FROM: £0.00. I also love my FiST! Thanks, Wayne. A few hundred dollars is a lot of money to get very little, so my advice would be to keep saving up for Stage 2. Join. Cobb Stage 2 Power Package w/Accessport V3 - Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2018 Regular price $1,760 00 $1,760.00 Cobb Stage 3 Power Package w/Accessport V3 - Ford Fiesta ST 2014-2018 For those of you who don’t feel you have enough torque steer with a 240hp Fiesta ST, a turbo upgrade may be just what the doctor ordered. A buddy also has a modified 2018 Fiesta ST and he being the mechanically inclined one of us is helping me build my beast up a bit. 116 months. Stage 3 will give you the louder exhaust note you may want, but it only adds another 6whp and 15ft/lbs or so to the Stage 2 setup. Fitted at the Pumaspeed workshop. Those figures are bollox – stage 1 can see up to 220-230bhp. 2 Next Reply Author. A friend of mine just got himself a Ford Fiesta ST, and that has inspired me to write this overview on modifications and tuning for the car. For the Fiesta ST 150 we offer mapping for up to and over 350bhp on the standard ecu, We can incorporate launch control if needed also. View mind.over.motor’s profile on Facebook, View Mind_Over_Motor’s profile on Twitter, View mindovermotor_official’s profile on Instagram, View mindovermotor’s profile on Pinterest, View UCZ5SwhTgHTzlZUWh7bnWDWQ’s profile on YouTube, I thought the Ford Fiesta ST had pretty much everything going for it, Cara Meningkatkan Daya dan Performa Mesin Kendaraan - Echo-Turbo - Echo-Turbo, Podcast: Comparing Camaros, Classic vs Contemporary. As much as I hate to, I do quite like the Ford Fiesta ST, even the new downsized 3-pot. PERON VUDU Stage 3 Remap Tuning … The stock Fiesta ST engine has a restrictive air box as standard, so it’s well-worth changing this for an induction kit. The OEM tires on the Fiesta are decent, but far from the best. The package includes the supply and fitment of: Total cost including vat = £249.00 fitted. PERON Tuning and AET Motorsport are proud to bring the PERON Stage 1+ Remap Tuning Package to the Ford Fiesta ST180 tuning market. Original HP: 190 Original Nm: 255 Tuned HP: 203 Tuned Nm: 298 Although not big BHP gains the cars drive-ability has improved drastically with sharper throttle response and pulling nicely throughout the… MK8 FIESTA ST REVO STAGE 1 £ 399.00. My cousin had a 1965 Ford galaxie with a 390 four speed my other cousin had the same car but with a 352 engine and it was faster than the 390 of my other cousins car.. Online. Stage 5 Package (+150bhp) Stage 1r Catalyst Safe Progressive Power and Torque 225-240 bhp - Pumaspeed Remaps. Skip to the end of the images gallery . A true hot hatch. Great little car. The difference between the 100BHP and the 125BHP is just a remap i believe so does that mean i … Created Nov 8, 2013. I call it a factory ringer I had a Yamaha 350 two stroke motorcycle growing up samething it was faster by a good bit more so than my friends motorcycle was the exact same bike just mine was quicker. I'll be updating this thread as more information are posted.-----Ford Fiesta ST Cobb 2.5" Stainless Steel Dual Tip Cat-Back Exhaust 31. Looking for the best all round remap for my ST180? STG1+ Performance Research & Development Ford Fiesta ST180 Mk7 PERON Stage 1+ ECU Remap: TECHNICAL DATA* Unit Stock PERON Gains Maximum Power whp 168 @ 6000 rpm 203 @ 5125 rpm + 35 Maximum Torque ft/lb 203 @ 3400 rpm 265 @ 2550 rpm + 66 The Ford Fiesta MK7 ST 180/200 is a fantastic example of a modern-day turbocharged hot-hatch. The new dampers and softer rear beam bush set up with torque vectoring springs set up allows the new Fiesta ST Mk8 to ride better than any of its Fiesta st predecessors. The Following Items Are Required For The Stage 2 Remap and are included with this package: ... Driving a Revo Stage 1 Fiesta ST really puts a smile on your face, this is driving enjoyment at its best. Stage 1 consists of an ECU flash/tune and a drop-in panel air filter. Ford Fiesta ST Turbo Upgrade — 280bhp+ and 330ft/lbs+. The stock exhaust system is also worth swapping for an aftermarket one. Add to Cart. A Custom Remap for the Fiesta ST 180 is the best way for MoreBHP from the 1.6 Ecoboost engine. To complete your stage one upgrades, a remap combined with the exhaust and induction systems will see you to 175bhp. With our IN HOUSE developed engine management software we achieve the maximum efficiency from the engine, giving a SMOOTH linear power delivery, for harder, smoother acceleration … Stage 4 Package (+140bhp) Revo delivers 262hp Fiesta ST upgrade ... as well an ECU remap to make the most of it all. Fiesta Mk8 ST 1.5 EcoBoost 2018on - Stage 1 Remap quantity. A base Ford Fiesta – a fun car in its own right – has 120 horsepower and 112 lb-ft of torque. Billet Quick Shift [Mk7 Fiesta ST] £104.17 GBP. Professional Automotive Engineering Solutions Since 1985. I have TB Performane bracing under the car as well as the trunk brace and we just put on the COBB intercooler, intake and a MBRP exhaust. Ford Fiesta ST Tuning Stage 2 – Remap, Intercooler and Air Filter If you want to take your Ford Fiesta ST tuning to the next level, the stage 2 package is for you, the Paramount and Viezu Ford Fiesta ST Stage 2 package, gives a real boost to performance and torque, its not subtle, throttle response and midrange pull is truly impressive, and offers class leading value for money too. Shop from the world's largest selection and best deals for Car Engine Tuning & Chips for Ford Fiesta. It also includes a more robust rear engine mount, because the stock one likes to let the engine tap the firewall. Rating 5/5. Probably not. Driving a Revo tuned Fiesta ST really puts a smile on your face, this is driving enjoyment at its best. Regular price $49 00 $49.00. Ford Fiesta ST 180 Tuning Options . OK it's a wee bit more than a remap and it's £2400 but they do lower power remaps too. it is just faster from the factor than all the other fiesta st I have raced and the camshaft are dialed in perfect from the factory and that makes a big difference in the way it runs and all. Dyno runs available. We offer one of the largest collection of Fiesta ST related news, gallery and technical articles. Categories: Revo remaps, Fiesta, Fiesta MK8 ST. Check the Tabs Below for Performance Figures and Prices. Total cost including vat = £499.00 fitted. The VUDU Stage 2 package has had hours and hours of time spent through development and testing using AET Motorsports Dynapack hub dyno for accurate,... from £1,140.95.