Hyrum won’t be working with the missionaries for this event; he needs to be with the family. 45min. “Only silly bitches get upset about sharing a man, amirite fellas?”. Arthur tells them he doesn’t want a bunch of “walking wounded” missing two weeks or a month of work due to an injury. They are to be in their homes by ten o’clock. It turns out Hyrum’s already getting the football field cleared out. Her grandfather has ten wives, the youngest of whom is in her early twenties. Isaiah has a lot on his plate, what with him being ultimately responsible for two wives and five kids. But some of us like our polygamy served to us once a week on a silver platter called reality television, seasoned liberally with some social media. Meanwhile, at the Thompson household, Date Night is finally starting after a seductive afternoon of passively flirting through the boy-child. The whole point of Tetris is fitting the blocks together to break them. He then says, “It just forms this fusion that is unbreakable.” Uhhhh, Joseph? Uncle Arthur then notices Hyrum’s absence. She starts to say she is the sixteenth sibling in the lineup, but then starts counting through them and listing names. She’s eighteen and has been praying for two years for inspiration about a husband. Enter his son: nineteen-year-old Ezra Hammon, who is not in the missionary program. Becca kisses Isaiah goodnight and heads to her own room, while Marleen and Isaiah head to Isaiah’s. Not surprisingly, Rose Marie feels the clock ticking in her own life. Early Mormons were persecuted for their practice of polygamy. Tiffany Quinton, Ezra’s girlfriend. Michael robotically intones (from a talking head) that some people think that plural marriage is all about the man having as much interaction with women as he would like “in a sexual nature.” He says it’s not all about sex. Picking up where we left off from Part 1 , we visit more with the Cawley family. 45 min. He starts quoting Psalm 23:4 to motivate his team. At any rate, if I know you and you are grieving, and you say that, I’m not going to shit on you or try to dissuade you away from what makes life bearable for you. Encontre diversos livros em Inglês e Outras Línguas com ótimos preços. They send the kids up to bed and the adults chat with each other for a bit. Rate. Then she says she was teasing and she’d be open to anyone, but it’s not like she has ANY choice in the matter. They believe that dying is a return to purity and that wearing all white honors a person’s homecoming. Cutting back to the restaurant scene, we endure more inane conversation before Tiffany asks if Arthur is cool with them holding hands. The normal length of service for a missionary is about two years. It's kind of wild, but really interesting. Marleen thinks the boy smells amazing, “like a man.” Huh. Arthur explains that Aunt Susie became an example of leadership among the ladies of their work (they start to use the word work in this way. Just kidding.” No, you weren’t, Isaiah. All Resources Sermons Articles Interviews. Connie and Rose stay at home. Marleen was nervous about adding Becca to the family because she was so much younger; Becca thinks it’s awesome that women can marry married men. It cuts to a talking head featuring Rose Marie. Polygamy, USA: God Has Spoken In this episode, we continue the saga of several of Centennial Park's young folk: Graduated Missionary Hyrum; Ne'er Do Well Ezra; and Devoted Daughter Rose Marie whose quest for a husband seems to be at a standstill. Especially the young ones. Arthur states that “love comes in many forms and a good, swift kick in the hind end can be just as effective as a kiss on the cheek.” I’m a bit charmed by Arthur’s way of dispensing his matter-of-fact, earthy, practical-to-a-fault brand of plyg wisdom. How’s that for romance? Too busy to really mentor their sons because they must work all of the time to support these monstrously-sized families. Yeah, yeah, yeah, Ezra. Hyrum's Calling. FLDS TIMELINE (2002-vorhanden) 2002 (September 8) - FLDS-Chef Rulon Jeffs starb im Alter von 92. At least there’s no jealousy on who gets a ride on Isaiah’s baby-go-round. Was it an allusion to her commitment to loving her sister wives? Who knew? We get to see what the actual, empty church looks like on the inside and what it looks like full of people on a Sunday morning. 2. Connie-complete with crazy eyes-explains that the first couple of weeks were awkward, but they believe they better work it out, because this is where God wants them to be. It will be interesting to see how this saga between cousins Hyrum and Ezra will play out. It seems like Aunt Susie’s last example of leadership to the community involves being willing to let them film her funeral. Plain and simple, Ezra has problems. Life is complicated that way. This evening she’ll be helping her mother make pizza from scratch. Genuinely, truly love.” I have to wonder if he feels his wives are capable of feeling the same way about multiple men or if  they would even be allowed to ever feel that way about multiple men (or women for that matter!) He quotes Brigham Young from what Google tells me is The Journal of Discourses: “If the plurality of wives is to pander to the low passions of man and women, the sooner it is abolished, the better”, after asking why men in this community want another wife. The Thompsons seem to have a higher standard of living than some of the other families and the family is still fairly small right now. That’s riiiiight! Marlyne Hammon is there with her, along with what looks to be like women who aren’t from the community. Is that really a choice when there is a spiritual fear behind it? She states that they moved to Centennial Park specifically to be with this polygamous group. With the family going through ten loaves of bread, eight or nine gallons of milk, and five or six pounds of butter every week, I think Papa Cawley’s math is a little fuzzy. The Cawleys are ready for church and head on over. Centennial Park practices placement marriage, which is the belief that God reveals to the women and not to men whom they should marry. Sounds like the typical reasons a young guy might want to be with a young woman, so I don’t imagine it going over well with Uncle Arthur. 5. The Cawley family consists of husband Michael, and sister wives Rose, Connie, and Teresa, along with eighteen children. I can imagine after seven years of marriage, to have your husband take on another wife (when you’re knee-deep in the baby shit and toddler vomit, with kids who are screaming for mommy, likely all the while knocked-up) would feel like an unending punch in the face. 6. Sixty-four-year-old Arthur Hammon is introduced next. Honestly, Ezra sounds like a lot of immature young adults who just need a little time to grow and mature before any soul-sucking event stomps out the potential. Where to begin? He tries to start a serious conversation about a monogamous family versus a plural family, using the example of all the food and cooking each wife brings to the table. Hate them, Hate them, HATE THEM!”. After a shot of Hyrum describing the odor of plyg trash while on the job, it cuts to him describing missionary life. “Uncle” Arthur posing with a portion of his family. Picking up where we left off from Part 1 , we visit more with the Cawley family. Frete GRÁTIS em milhares de produtos com o Amazon Prime. Ick. While they’ll grieve for their loss, if they could see her now, she’d be beautiful, radiant, and happy because she’s with the people that she loved. Becca enthusiastically volunteers to take one for the sister wife team, and Marleen wholeheartedly concurs. Oh they swear up and down, and with their last breaths that they do. I couldn’t resist grabbing a screen shot of Connie “Crazy Eyes” Cawley. Damn it, these plyg family trees must get confusing! He’s glad she’s no longer suffering, but is overwhelmed with sadness. Inside the dark world of captive wildlife tourism, She donated her body to science, and now she'll live forever, Watch One Family's Journey Through A Life-Changing Face Transplant, Newly-Unveiled Dinosaur Fossil Is Best Preserved of Its Kind, Ghost Shark Caught on Camera for the First Time, See First Video of Most Dangerous Rope-Free Climb Ever (Alex Honnold), Here, Living With Dead Bodies for Weeks—Or Years—Is Tradition, EXCLUSIVE: A Closer Look Inside Christ's Unsealed Tomb, He Spent 40 Years Alone in the Woods, and Now Scientists Love Him, India Man Plants Forest Bigger Than Central Park to Save His Island, Venomous Snake Devours a Python Whole in This Rare Video, See Blue Whales Lunge For Dinner in Beautiful Drone Footage, Go inside the U. S. insurrection with a National Geographic photographer, Behind the Scenes of Our January 2021 Special Issue, ‘2020: The Year in Pictures’, The Making of a Photograph: Commitment March, SpaceX's Starship First High-Altitude Flight, Meet three astronauts selected to train for missions to the moon, Why it actually might be 'survival of the friendliest', Bill Gates: COVID-19 has set back global health for years. I can’t even imagine feeling that way. Hyrum and Joseph will be on opposing teams this year, and Hyrum is shit-talking during the clean-up accordingly. Ezra begins talking about what he like best about Tiffany: she’s “freaking pretty”,  awesome to be around, and awesome to talk to. A man, Mr. David, is called forth to speak by an elder. Hyrum goes on to explain that they believe that birth is leaving the Father in Heaven. Polygamy, USA- Episode 1: Meet the Polygamists (Part 1) November 23, 2016 December 1, 2016 / polygamyontelevision / 1 Comment. Resources . Sie bildet somit das Gegenstück zur Monogamie. S1, Ep5. Rose Marie could join almost any family. Her son says she also said “Never build your castles in the clouds without plural marriage.” Did…did she misquote Thoreau’s Walden and put her own plyg spin on it? Teresa says that “any time you put together a group of people and expect a certain behavior out of them, it creates conflict.” She goes on to state that living plural marriage is one of the most difficult things she’s ever chosen to do, but that she wouldn’t choose to live any other way. Uncle Arthur posing with Centennial Park’s crew of young, available studs who are the next generation of Priesthood Holders. We are back to focusing on the Thompson family. You know?” WOW. The scene has now moved from the interior service to the graveside portion and a prayer for protection is being spoken over her grave. Okay, Michael, so having all these ladies isn’t all about the banging, it’s about spiritually significant shit to your people. At the same time, he is very loving towards his younger children, seems to be genuinely beloved by the females in his household, and respected by the missionaries he mentors. Some footage from 2011 is shown in which Aunt Susie seems to be lobbying for her faith. She realizes how hard it is to live with one husband and several mothers in a family. And he is so not ready to be thinking about marriage. The Hammon family have Sunday dinner with a special guest. Despite practicing a religion I find extremely unappealing, he’s grounded in a bit of common sense. He continues to explain that he gets mad that his father won’t listen to him and that his father gets mad because he believes Ezra is rejecting what he tells Ezra to do. Patriarch Michael discusses the expenses of feeding his family of twenty-two, claiming that it costs about twelve hundred dollars a month. All of them!” Mentoring and passing on his traditions are VERY important to this guy. When they don’t fit perfectly together, you can’t break them. The third wife is never introduced, which makes me wonder just how much younger she is than ol’ Uncle Arthur…. Now put the foundations under them.” Oh, Susie! It seems like it’s easy for Becca to be hard and flippant about jealousy, unlike Marleen, because she’s the younger and the newer wife. Whew. They BELIEVE they HAVE to. Becca went with Isaiah to his room in order (at least in my mind) to get started on the baby-making. The Priesthood Council. 9. Does anyone watch Polygamy, USA on the National Geographic channel? Just curious about how this works. And he is ABSOLUTELY right about that. Michael’s first wife, Rose, begins to explain how the family came together. Residents of Centennial Park believe that self-sufficiency ties the community together. Hope to see you again soon! Ezra Hammon meets with the Brethren, who are believed to communicate directly with God, about his desire to marry Tiffany. I don’t have those fears in my life and I’d hate to live with them. Rate. But they are subjected to his strict, asshole-ish ways. The family has tripled in size since the move, having moved with the goal of gaining a second wife. Ezra doesn’t want to find out. When you pass away from this life, you pass through the second death and are reborn. Ezra declares there is no way he’ll be going on a mission. During the meeting, Arthur chastises one of the missionaries for his lax grooming habits saying, “The daughters of Zion deserve better than slobs. 1947 Brigham Young nicht anerkennen, bleiben in Illinois zurück, etwa die Hälfte. It seems each adult in the household has their own space (which must be a relief for Isaiah, if Kody Brown’s bed-hopping existence is any indication of how stressful not having your own space can be.) The scene then cuts to Hyrum talking about his crushes and how they don’t know he exists. That episode felt like it lasted for two hours instead of forty-five minutes. I just wish there could be some sort of polygamous Rumspringa, but I wouldn’t even know how that would work in this situation, and the loosening of restrictions doesn’t seem compatible with these people, anyway. She says it’s “not for quitters.” She thinks she has what it takes to live the life. Rate. There is a priesthood council that provides the ordinances of the Gospel. He sends the boy off to the moms for a sniff test, telling him to ask them if he smells good. That conversation is then cut between Becca and Marleen talking about how hard it is to have Isaiah gone. Ending up with a seventy-year old is pretty stomach-churning. Podcasts & Feeds Volunteer Subscribe Partner With Us Contact. He says he must become a missionary to be accepted. With the dearth of high-paying jobs in Centennial Park, he must leave for an out-of-state job for five weeks at a time. History records : "On each side of the hills, where now stands Council Bluffs, could be seen the white canvas tents of a Mormon encampment from which arose, at sunrise, the smoke of hundreds of fires." Being a member of the community is a choice and he hopes his kids choose this way of life. Anyway, Tiffany thinks Uncle Arthur is scary and that Ezra’s family doesn’t like her very much. That night, Isaiah kissed Marleen goodnight and she retired to her own bedroom. For most of US history, marriages were solemnized in an ecclesiastical setting. Known as Aunt Susie, she also is Uncle Arthur’s sister. Jeez that man totally, fully, and completely creeps me the hell out. We’re back to church and the service is over. The scene cuts back to Ezra’s confliction between seeing how placement marriage is supposed to be and believing that God can bring two people together in His own way. Rate. 3. Michael’s advice to Rose Marie is to “prepare herself to receive whatever the answer is that comes and be willing to grow where she is planted.” Rose Marie says it could be anyone, from someone in their seventies to someone who is a couple of years younger than her. She says at the restaurant, “I feel like I need another baby.” Marleen tells her, “Get it!” Isaiah says with a quiet smirk, “Check, please. We arrive back home and the wives gush over how much fun they had tonight. Joseph says that Susie was always busy with the work; even when she was sick in bed, she wanted to get up to go to church. Wait. We’re back on dumpster duty with Hyrum, again. I mean that’s only logical, right? It’s during this church segment that consists of the beyond-the-grave Brigham Young lecture that we are introduced to the Cawley’s eldest child, Rose Marie. Hyrum and the missionaries managed to win. Hyrum has enlisted his recently married brother, Joseph, to help clear the field, along with the missionaries. Seems like a really stressful way to live, to be honest. She has thirty-eight siblings and is fifth and sixth generation polygamist. It seemed to take the subject matter a little more seriously and treat it more respectfully (even if I’m not.) It’s just the culturally acceptable means to an end; it’s all about getting laid and this is how to go about doing it in their world. We are now properly introduced to miss Tiffany Quinton through a talking head. Back at the Thompson household, Isaiah and his young son, Tom, are going to build a fence. TVGuide has every full episode so you can stay-up-to-date and watch your favorite show Polygamy, USA anytime, anywhere. Who protects the vulnerable? It’s now the day of the big game. The last time Isaiah went out of town, he gave boy-child (yes, boy-child has a name, but I refuse to call him Tom Thompson) the job of taking out the dirty diapers to the garbage, much to the boy’s aversion. The boys are preparing for The Turkey Bowl, an annual Thanksgiving football game between the missionaries and married men. Next up, Uncle Arthur meets with the missionaries. Makin’ lots of baybeez!) Don’t answer that. If the blocks fit together, they ARE breakable. Bei der Polygynie, auch veraltet als „Vielweiberei“ b… And now I must have missed the rest of the game on account of being dumbfounded over how Hyrum apparently got the brains in that sibling group. Thirty-year-old Isaiah “Thompson” (Thompson is a pseudonym on the show) is a sixth generation polygamist living in Centennial Park, Arizona, with his two wives and five children. He says they’re “friggin, like, almost married.” It’s kind of laughable to see what Ezra thinks marriage is and why Arthur would be so frustrated, but at the same time, their culture is putting the idea into his head in the first place. Tom is there with six women and needs the male bonding time. I suppose it beats the alternative down the road, though. The dads in Centennial Park seem to be traveling for work or super busy. Rate. “A part of me seems to be falling away that I can’t pick up.” It’s a simple, yet eloquent, description of profound loss; a feeling that no one should ever have to experience, and still it becomes an unwelcome presence in our lives no matter who we are. Uncle Arthur states they are to keep to themselves and “not fraternize with the dear sisters. Still would rather be in a circle of friends than a circle of sister wives; at least I can ditch any manipulative, back-stabbing friends. They don’t really seem to have a choice whether to be in these situations, like, say, a polyamorous relationship. “Let’s see… there’s Lana, Pam, Cheryl, Krieger, Ron Cadillac, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Hermione, Harry, Ron, Donna, Voldemort, then me… I forgot Donna. Ezra begins to explain that he and his dad aren’t close. It's a show documenting the lives of Mormons in Centennial Park. Just kidding! The older women on the right are his first two wives: Gloria, second wife, and  Marlyne, first wife. I just don’t think it would make me feel better to know I’m sad because my loved one is gone, and my loved one is happy without me. So I was going to keep my comments in this blurb completely high brow, until I realized high brow rhymes with eye brow and I lost it… Eye brow game weak. Highlights: Arthur endlessly bitching at Ezra,  Arthur endlessly bitching at the missionaries, the weirdly suggestive flirting between the adult Thompsons during date night, Rose Marie’s eyebrows, how utterly harebrained Ezra is about EVERYTHING, Joseph’s completely hilarious misunderstanding of Tetris or analogies (or possibly both), Hyrum’s ridiculous huddle rallying speech, Aunt Susie’s plyg-flavored misquotation of Walden. Maybe this is because I’m not religious, but I don’t understand this. She says they believe that they belong to someone, they just have to find out who from Heavenly Father. TV-PG. Thank goodness Uncle Arthur is here to teach these boys to wash their asses and brush their teeth, so the first wives don’t have to. Even if you are doing most cooking from scratch, that’s still twenty-two people to feed, diaper, and provide ass-wipe for. “Married life” means she must have experienced financial hardship while growing up. Like getting married at nineteen and becoming a father without having a high school diploma. No dating, pursuing girls, or drinking. They don’t come out and say it, but I suspect this is standard practice in the community. Arthur’s concerned that Ezra will use the truck to get involved in things that will cause him to get hurt. When they told Isaiah, he just kind of stared at the ground for a while. She’s eighteen. Rose Cawley explains that in a plural family, the wives bring in different recipes when they get married. Uncle Arthur has placed him on trash duty and the following scenes show Hyrum on the job. Twelve hundred bucks a month seems to be low-balling it. They get up to go to bed. I’m not saying that to brag or be smug, but just it seems like those feelings eat the women up in these marriages. It seems Arthur understands their lack of respect for men who do office work pretty well. The narrator explains that the differences go beyond whether Ezra will join the missionary program. So I guess that makes Uncle Arthur Hyrum’s real uncle, unless Aunt Susie isn’t Hyrum’s birth mom. The missionaries begin digging the grave under Uncle Arthur’s watchful supervision, taking great care to make sure everything is done correctly. Arthur continues to say that Susie had a wonderful life. Wonder if Marleen secretly relished Miss It’s-Awesome-We-Can-Marry-Married-Men getting knocked down a peg or four by a newly-inspired teen bride? Next stop, Uncle Arthur’s morning meeting with the missionaries. For now. Each week one of these elders leads the service and calls on various community members to speak. Becca tells the boy, “Mmmmm, you smell like dad.” At least the boy has a few years before he finds such an exchange mortifying. Isaiah had met her before, but they didn’t really know each other. Oh hell…I bet he has 65 sisters. If you just to want to snark about reality shows like Sister Wives, Polygamy, USA or some newer shows on the horizon, my living room is yours. I still am sometimes.” Marleen just looks down and laughs. Polygamy, USA- Episode 1: Meet the Polygamists (Part 2), Polygamy, USA- Episode 1: Meet the Polygamists (Part 1). Ezra Hammon Polygamy, USA- Episode 1: Meet the Polygamists (Part 2) November 29, 2016 / polygamyontelevision / Leave a comment. It then cuts to Becca who begins to explain that her dad has six wives, and that she has “forty-six or forty-seven” siblings. Buy HD $2.99. Religion is our life. He is the oldest missionary, and has been serving for over three-and-a-half years while waiting for a girl to be inspired by God for marriage. Back at the restaurant, Ezra asks Tiffany how she feels about him becoming a missionary. Buy Polygamy USA: Season 1 Episode 1 on Google Play, then watch on your PC, Android, or iOS devices. They too wept bitterly. Occasionally, it really wouldn’t hurt you to listen to the old coot. Es gibt jedoch auch eine Mischform. I’m guessing that’s pretty close to the difference in ages between her grandfather and his youngest wife, though. It’s a strange little rallying speech if you ask me, but I’ve never been in a football huddle with a bunch of religious fundamentalists before, either. She seems like a nice person, and I really don’t want to be an ass just for the sake of being an ass. Bills need paid and mouths need fed. She donated her body to science, and now she'll live forever. Isaiah tells him, “I know, it’s disgusting. 2002 Rulon Jeffs Sohn, Warren Jeffs, wurde im Alter von 47 FLDS-Präsident und Prophet. 7. She loved the religion and community. Rose says she was ready to be a mom when she turned eighteen. I believe it means group or community, but I may very well be wrong.) Becca turns to Marleen and tells her, “I was your worst nightmare. Maybe Isaiah should marry someone from Mexico for the amazing Mexican food, and then someone from China, and then a massage therapist, etc… Isaiah doesn’t really look amused, but seems to crack a forced smile. Wouldn’t Susie miss her family on Earth, too? Dr. Scott Masson debates polygamy with Justin Trottier on the John Oakley Show AM640. Am I repeating myself? It’s horrible what men have to do sometimes.” At first my blood boiled, thinking of all the shitty things women go through in polygamy, but then I remembered that Isaiah’s placement marriage-life isn’t exactly easy either. After getting out of the car Ezra asks for a hug. She’ll possess it again “in a refined, purified state” when she’s resurrected. Polygamy and Mormon Church Leaders. It fits like Legos (shades of Jim Bob Duggar, anyone? He says they believe the girl receives revelation about who they’re supposed to marry and the guy usually doesn’t care because they are excited to get married. You better work out those jealousy issues, Rose, or I’m coming for you…”. No, you weren’t. Sometime after the move (it’s not quite clear when) church leaders approached Isaiah and told him there is a girl ready to get married. Better pick a guy who will treat you kindly and hope his wife isn’t a major bitch, though, because this is still a patriarchal religious culture! der HLT. Die polygame US- Familie flüchtete vor Strafverfolgung in Utah nach Nevada. But all in all, I do think they did a much better job with just explaining things than your average TLC polygamy shitfest. Wonder if Isaiah ever got that third wife and if Becca ever changed her tune?