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Thank you! If you decide to keep a fish, please kill it immediately. Salmon fishing on the Harrison River is an incredible experience. These are some of the most aggressive salmon you will ever find. Beside fall salmon fishing opportunities, it also has good trout and char fishing throughout the winter and spring months. These fish represent the pinnacle of success for the Harrison River fly fisher. Keeping fish alive in a pool of water or tying it onto a rope and letting it swim in the river is illegal. The Harrison River On February 12, 2010, the Pacific Fisheries Resource Conservation Council announced that the Harrison River aas officially identified as the first Salmon Stronghold in Canada by the North … If you are accessing the river by boat, another alternative is to launch at Island 22 in Chilliwack and travel upstream on the Fraser River where Harrison River confluence can be found. Chum Salmon are next entering towards the end of September and peaking around the third week of October. They are chinook, coho and chum salmon. Roe is commonly used as bait for chinook, coho and chum salmon while krill is effective for sockeye salmon. The spookiest and toughest to catch, the Coho Salmon is the “trophy” fish of the river. These brutes are some of the largest in the world often topping 20lbs. Intentionally snagging fish is illegal! Double lane concrete boat ramp provides access to the Missouri River at river mile 68.5. It is October 2nd and the rivers known as the “North Side Systems” will start to garner attention from many anglers. From December to April, coastal cutthroat trout and bull trout can be targeted as their diet evolves from salmon eggs to fry. [CDATA[*/

Whether you are a novice angler or you are more seasoned, it offers recreation and enjoyment for everyone year-round. pageLanguage: 'en', By using this website you are accepting our Privacy and Cookie Policy. The Harrison River is the single largest salmon-producing tributary of the Fraser River system. Shore access is minimal, most sections of the river can only be reached by a boat. This method of fishing is mostly done in side channels where water is more sluggish. Many people come to the Harrison River to kayak or canoe, but the big draw is undoubtedly the fishing, with chinook, coho, pink, chum, and sockeye salmon all found here. All 5 species of salmon enter the Harrison River to spawn and this often means that in-season, multiple species days can be had. click to READ NOW! Chinook Salmon Peak Time: September 1 to October 7. When travelling via Highway One, take the Rosedale-Agassiz Bridge exit and cross the bridge. Fishing Reports, News, videos & more from the River. Fall Salmon: Make sure you book early to get in on the great Salmon fishing … . Salmon fishing on the Harrison River is an incredible experience. Experience the fly fishing … This style of fishing is very effective for chum and pink salmon. Fishing can be done year-round on Harrison River, but the most productive months are between August and April. Harrison River in Agassiz is approximately 100km east of Vancouver. Visitors can also soak in the steaming pools of the hot springs, which are situated near the banks of the river on the south shore of Harrison … This style of fishing is very effective for chum and pink salmon. Bank fishing possible from park and trail. Every fall coho salmon return to our Washington rivers. Sturgeon fishing typically slows down in the winter as water temperatures drop and the fish become dormant. Fraser River Valley Coho & Chum Salmon Fishing will be a great option from early October to November 10.

icpForm2931.action="https://app.icontact.com/icp/signup.php";function verifyRequired2931(){if(icpForm2931["fields_email"].value==""){icpForm2931["fields_email"].focus();alert("The Email field is required. Harrison. When travelling via Lougheed Highway from Vancouver, turn right onto School Road after crossing Harrison River, followed by another right turn onto Kilby Road. Averaging around 14 inches these trout are known for their aggressive takes and great fun on light tackle. Identify your fish before you decide to kill it. Keep your noise down early in the morning when walking by private properties. Chum Salmon fishing on the Harrison River.


With Millions of Salmon migrating through the system each year there is overlap allowing you to target multiple species in one day. To determine the fishing … Float fishing can be done close to shore where the current is moderate. If you are releasing a fish, please make sure the fish remain in the water at all times. In addition to Harrison Lake and River we are close to some other great … We're very much nearing the end of salmon on the Harrison. The largest Salmon-producing tributary of the Fraser River system, the Harrison River has all five species of … The flowing … Chum Salmon Action! During odd years, September is an excellent month for pink salmon fishing. Although not huge they make up for their smaller size in their sheer willingness to attack and stunning numbers. Timing is everything with Chinook salmon as most of these brutes use the Harrison as traveling grounds and a “run” of fish can easily push through in a few days. The color of the river, temperatures, natural light and fishing pressure. Harrison River is known for its diverse sports fishing. Whether you’re fly fishing, baitcasting or spinning your chances of getting a bite here are good. Our privacy policy and terms & conditions. gaId: ' UA-18773830-5', Copyright © 2001 - 2016 Fishing with Rod Production. Harrison River has is one large channel with some braided sections.

return true;}/*]]>*/. When you’re looking for an incredible Salmon fishing trip, definitely give the Harrison River a shot. If you find a combo and size … Sockeye Salmon are the first to move into the Harrison River in August and continue to enter until the end of September. Pink Salmon can be found entering the system in huge numbers – in the millions – on odd years… 2013, 2015, etc… towards the end of August, peaking towards the end of September. Chinook Salmon enter the river year round although the most fishable time is usually October and early November. In August, occasionally sockeye salmon fishing opportunities are available. December 04, 2020. Respect other anglers' space! Courtesy dockavailable. Lake St. Clair is the 15 th largest lake in the United States … Coarse fish such as pike minnow, white fish and bullhead are in the river year round. Your message has been submitted to us. Well we’ve returned from our trip up North and now we’re down on the Harrison River where we’ve been having a great time fishing for these wild Coho salmon! Roe is commonly used as bait for chinook, coho and chum salmon while krill is effective for sockeye salmon. 6 to 8wt rods are used for fall salmon species, while 4/5wt are more suitable for trout and char. Harrison River Fishing Report: Season Outlook . From late September to early December, three salmon species dominate the river. }, 'google_translate_element'); Our Story - Our Editors & Contributors - Our Supporters - Search Site - Our Facebook Page - Our Tweets - Our YouTube Channel, Our Services Boat ramp and lower parking lot submerged at a river … Located at the James A Rennick Riverfront Park with access to the Rotary Riverfront Trail (3 miles). This fish are more numerous than their larger cousins, the chinook, and can be quite aggressive … Decide when to book your next fishing adventure with us! }, HomeBC Rivers We FishHarrison River Fishing. Cutthroat fishing … Are you up to the challenge? Typical fishing methods are float fishing, spincasting with lures and fly fishing. Float fishing can be done close to shore where the current is moderate. Before your first fishing trip to Harrison River, please make sure you know the following information: About us Fly fishing is also popular at sections where spincasting is done. Thousands of gorgeous Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout come in from the Pacific to lunch on these hapless victims. Remember to mix it up if you are not catching. Kilby Province Park can be found at the end of Kilby Road, where you are able to fish from shore or launch your boat. The biggest one, literally, is the Harrison River. Harrison River – Coho and Chum Salmon Six kilometres west of Agassiz off Highway 7, the Harrison River runs 13 kilometres between Harrison Lake and the Fraser River. Please do not litter. Respect private properties by not trespassing. For our Harrison River fishing you can rent a car and drive to Chilliwack BC or we can arrange for pickup in Vancouver and transportation. They respond very well to the fly and large fish are the norm when targeting this species. Best Fishing in Harrison Mills, BC V0M 1A1 - Chehalis River Salmon and Trout Enhancement Facility, Cheam Fishing Village and Campground, Harrison River RV Resort, Great River Fishing Adventures, Bluewater Rockies Sport Fishing Guiding, Sturgeon Hunter Fishing, Johnny's Sport Fishing, Mainlanders Sport Fishing… Do not drag your fish onto the river bank and kick it back after unhooking it. There may be a few B run coho wandering through. Harrison River is a stream located just 2.9 miles from Chilliwack, in Fraser Valley Regional District, in the province of British Columbia, Canada. From Vancouver, there are two travelling options to Harrison River. Fishing the Skykomish River: Long one of Puget Sound region’s most popular, most publicized, and most productive steelhead rivers. In recent years, float fishing with jigs has become very popular.

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Fraser River Valley Salmon Fishing Report. The Harrison … Small minnow and nymph patterns almost never fail if you are fly fishing, while tiny spoons and spinners around 1/8oz or less are a safe bet. Once crossing the bridge, travel east on Lougheed Highway and turn left onto School Road just before the Harrison River bridge. We guide for Fraser River Sturgeon, Harrison River Salmon, Pitt River, and Bull trout in British Columbia. You can make everyone's fishing experience enjoyable by spreading out. These annual salmon migrations provide some of the finest and most exciting fishing opportunities for you if you are seeking the thrill of hooking into one of these hard fighting fish. What a blast … it is unreal … it’s just like fishing … In the Harrison river, you can fish a variety of water types and again, enjoy excellent coho fishing with spoons, spinners, jigs. Watch for coho salmon that have a tendency to follow your lure as you retrieve, only to turn away in the last minute. Five Rivers Guide Service is a full-time, professional fly fishing guide service. This beautiful slice of British Columbia’s lower mainland is ideally located for anglers to access reaches of the Harrison River, a Sturgeon and salmon fishing haven. Typical fishing methods are float fishing, spincasting with lures and fly fishing. Whether you are looking for a day trip, corporate outing or small group fishing … Pick up your own garbage as well as others' on the river bank so we can still enjoy this fantastic fishing stream in the future. These chrome beauties are an amazing experience to catch! How do I get a fishing license? A battle with “The King” challenges even the most advanced angler. On the shores of Harrison Lake you have easy boat access to the Harrison River the first designated Salmon stronghold in Canada. All rights reserved. Not only does this river boast its Salmon run it also has an incredible Trout fishery as Sea-Run Cutthroat Trout enter the river starting in March as they feed on the salmon minnows. Dolly Varden, Cutthroat Trout, Mountain Whitefish, Rainbow Trout, Sturgeon, Kokanee, Northern Pikeminnow, Salish Sucker, Threespine Stickelback, Peamouth Chub, Chinook Salmon, Sockeye … Fishing is prohibited on some areas managed under a cooperative agreement with the Department, but allowed on others. Your visual cues become easier in spring when surface feeding activities are more frequent. Harrison fishing lodge offers the finest fishing and accommodation packages available on the Fraser river. Harrison River Report. These … new google.translate.TranslateElement({ function googleTranslateElementInit() { If fishery officers observe you continuously catching fish by snagging, you will be fined. For trout, char, and whitefish, beads and egg/flesh flies are good options. Spincasting with lures such as spoons and spinners is deadly for coho salmon at times. With some persistence, they will often start biting after tempting them repeatedly. The river’s fall fishery for coho and … With this newfound birth comes a bonanza of food in the form off salmon minnows. All the colors work but conditions change. Harrison River has is one large channel with some braided sections. BRITISH COLUMBIA SPORT FISHING ONLINE RESOURCE & DIRECTORY, British Columbia freshwater fishing license, British Columbia freshwater fishing regulations, BC Freshwater Fishing Regulations Synopsis, Harrison River is located in Region 2 in the. Special regulations may apply to fishing. Coho Salmon begins to filter into the system in the beginning of October. So grab your favorite fly fishing … One way is via Lougheed Highway on the north side of Fraser River, or via Highway One on the south side. For those of you that fish this river regularly, the boat ramp under the Harrison river bridge is closed until the water … Because of its healthy abundance of all salmon species, it is one of the more popular salmon fishing spots between August and December for Vancouver residents and visitors. The Best How To Guide for Coho Salmon River Fishing. Spincasting with lures such as spoons and spinners is deadly f… We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. These are the biggest of the big often-exceeding 30lbs. We focus on guided fly fishing trips on the American River, Eel River, Feather River, Sacramento River, and Trinity River.We primarily fish for (and catch) steelhead, salmon, striper, and shad. Navigation in this stretch of river should be done cautiously. Dean Werk – Owner & Professional Guide office: 604.792.3544 mobile: 604.991.3474email: info@greatriverfishing.com, /*