Released in the UK in 2003, it wasn’t quite finished, but was quickly followed by numerous updates to operating system and hardware that sorted out its shortcomings. Sweetwater Sales Engineers help you buy music gear with confidence. As a beta tester for Moog, I created some presets while testing their software editor, that we already shared with you last year. Back in the 1980s, my band played a track called ‘Tabasco’ that contained a synth line of such fiendish speed and complexity that I couldn’t lift my fingers quickly enough to make it sound smooth in both directions. This is basically a two-note paraphonic mode; meaning each of the two oscillators can play a different note while sharing the same audio path. Moog synthesizers are loved for their filters and growling bass sounds, and rightly so. Sweetwater's relationship with Moog goes way back, and some of us fondly remember the last time Bob himself came to visit. A modern classic first built in 2014, the Sub 37 (the first model) and SUBsequent 37 (the later model, often still called the Sub 37), builds on Moog's slightly older Sub Phatty monosynth. Some people are going to view the Sub 37 as a Sub Phatty with its Hidden Functions revealed on the control panel, but it’s much, much more than that. The arpeggiator offers the expected rate, tap tempo and sync options, with Up, Down, Up/Down, Note Order and Random modes, and a quick read of the manual reveals a handful of other tricks in the menus — gate lengths, clock divisions, how ‘end notes’ are handled in back/forth arpeggios, and so on — all of which add to the flexibility of the system. All four cutoff slopes are retained (although you no longer need to remember arcane key presses to access them), and all four modes will self-oscillate when you set the resonance high enough. Velocity and aftertouch sensitivity. Encontre Moog Sub 37 - Pianos e Teclados no! What can I do? The Moog Subsequent 37 CV has been a huge hit at Sweetwater. Going further, you can add rests and ties, the latter of which will either extend a note or create a legato transition from one to the next. To put it another way, Moog have taken many of the improvements made in the Subsequent 37 and put them, largely, back into the Sub Phatty. If you play one note on a step, both oscillators are allocated to this; if you play two notes, the oscillators are allocated as determined by the buttons in the oscillator section. I get the impression the Sub 37 is a new generation of Moog - … The manual tells you that the KB Track affects the Decay and Release stages only, but that’s not correct; it also affects the Attack, which is vital for imitative sounds. Or maybe it’s The Hulk. The Moog Sub 37 is a monophonic analog synthesizer manufactured by Moog Music from 2014. Our expertly trained Sales Engineers are ready to help! Recent releases have included innovative designs such as the Arturia MiniBrute and MicroBrute, recreations of classics such as the Korg MS20, and there’s even a clone of the ARP Odyssey on the horizon. From beginners to rock stars, millions of music makers rely on our Sales Engineers' expertise to help achieve their musical goals. Reviewing it in May of that year, I commented that “it seems obvious that the Minitaur would sing as a lead synth too”, and the chaps at Moog must have agreed, because the next stage was the Sub Phatty, which took the character of the Minitaur and transplanted it into a diminutive keyboard synth. The first of these has been rectified and, while the second hasn’t, it’s less important as a consequence. Finally, there’s the MIDI section, with MIDI In and Out on five-pin DIN sockets and USB. There wouldn’t be much to say about this except that two of my criticisms of the Sub Phatty were that (firstly) there was no master audio on/off switch and (secondly) the master volume control was in series with the headphone volume knob so that, when the master was turned down, the headphones were silent. You might think that this precludes really slow, languorous sweeps on the Sub 37, but it doesn’t. I was delighted to find that you can determine whether the Attack phase of the contours is linear or exponential, and do so independently for each. The Sub 37 has become my favorite Moog. Overview The Moog Sub 37 Tribute Edition is an expanded 37-key version of the Moog Sub Phatty analog synthesizer. I tested the durations of the contour stages, all of which are quoted as having a range of 1ms to 10s. None of this would be worth a hoot if the Sub 37 was a pain to program and didn’t sound good, but, once you’ve gotten your head around the modulation sections, everything is straightforward, there are no hidden functions to get in the way of your creativity, and it sounds superb. Then, in 2006, Moog changed direction by releasing the Little Phatty, which cost less than half the price of its illustrious sibling. Exclusive deals, delivered straight to your inbox. See more ideas about moog, synthesizer, submarine. But is there anything that competes directly with the Sub 37? Why am I not hearing any audio in "Active Panel" mode? And as for bread-and-butter sounds such as solo brass and flutes, I obtained these more quickly and more intuitively on the Sub 37 than on any other new synth that I’ve used recently. Next came the Voyager Old School, followed by the excellent Taurus 3 bass pedals, and then the Voyager XL which, prior to the launch of the Emerson Moog Modular earlier this year, was the reincarnated Moog’s finest moment — a synth of such inherent sexiness that it’s sometimes hard to stop admiring it and begin playing it. From the first day I got this little monster in 2014, I could not resist but experimenting and applying all my knowledge of sound design to it. Update your shipping location 7 S 0 P O N S O A R P A 7 E E D-1-1 U J-1 0 F J-1-1. Test Moog Sub 37 Synthesizer mit Sequencer und Duophoniemodus Sehr guter Testbericht! Philosophically, it would be equivalent to an Oberheim 4 or 8 Voice, especially if you used SysEx as a substitute for a physical programmer for all the synths in the setup. Take it from the die-hard analog synth masters here at Sweetwater: buy a Moog. Over the years, we've had the honor of watching Moog grow and evolve, and with synthesis experts like Daniel Fisher on staff, we're still one of the first companies to catch wind of new Moog products - they never fail to impress! Subsequent 37 maintains all of its predecessor's controls and features, such as Mono and Duo modes, two assignable modulation busses, DAHDSR looping envelopes, and … Again, it seems that I wasn’t the only one thinking along those lines, because this brings us to the present day and the Sub 37, which draws upon the technology of the Voyager, the Minitaur and the Sub Phatty, and seems to offer everything that I hoped it might. SysEx is provided for dumping and recalling the current edit buffer, the current patch, all patches, or the whole of the synth. Moogシンセサイザーの伝統と個性を継承しつつも、新機能を導入し、幾多の賞を受賞した「SUB PHATTY」。その音源システムを内蔵した、2ノート・パラフォニック・アナログ・シンセサイザー「SUB 37」の限定バージョン「SUB 37 トリビュート・エディション」が登場した。 One of the company's more recent offerings, the Sub 37 Tribute Edition—first released in the fall of 2014 as an expanded tribute to Moog's Sub Phatty synth—is as flexible a piece of kit as you are likely to find. The first is legato/multi-triggering, while the second allows you to determine whether each retrigger (whether legato or not) resets the contour to zero (or not). Moog Subsequent 37 2-Note Paraphonic Analog Synthesizer The Subsequent 37 is a (2-note) paraphonic analog synthesizer that builds upon the design of the ultra-powerful Sub 37 Tribute Edition. Moog Sub 37 owners who would like to update their synthesizer with hardware revisions found in the new Subsequent 37 can now contact an Authorized Moog Service Center to upgrade their instrument.… Read More Moog Sub 37 Upgrade To Subsequent 37 Now Available For the moment, the amounts of any active controllers are multiplicative so, for example, if the mod wheel amount is set to 100 percent but the wheel is fully toward you (ie. Now turn the Osc2 and sub-oscillator levels in the mixer to around 12 o’clock, add a smidgen of detune using the Beat Frequency knob, and drop the pitch by an octave. We go beyond the news that Moog Music have discontinued the modern classic Sub 37 analog synth and replaced it with the Subsequent 37 by providing a full video review of the Subsequent CV 37. SUBZERO // Moog Sub 37 Presets The new standard in preset design. SUBZERO // Moog Sub 37 Presets. Add the Sub 37’s duophonic mode into the equation, and my cake is well and truly iced. There are four analogue control inputs: 1V/Oct pitch and filter CVs, an amplifier CV and a +5V Gate, but no CV outputs, which some potential users will bemoan. Clavier synthétiseur analogique Moog Music SUB 37 : 633 photos, 94 discussions dans les forums, 28 vidéos, 24 avis, 14 extraits audio, 7 prix, 6 news, 5 annonces, 2 fichiers à télécharger, 1 astuce et 1 test Thank you again! Duo Mode — and what it can do for you You can then determine the amount by which the mod wheel, velocity, aftertouch and a fourth controller (currently fixed to MIDI CC#2 — breath control) affect the modulation depth. The arpeggiator’s Pattern knob also provides access to the 64-step sequencer, which allows you to program sequences on a per-patch basis. I have a feeling that Moog Music really listened to their customers when designing this one. Re: Using the wrong microphone for the job. This means the Sub 37 can play two independent pitches (one from Oscillator 1 and the other from Oscillator 2), both of which are then sent through the much-desired Moog 20Hz-20kHz ladder filter. If he wasn’t wrong then, he is now. Superficially, the dual oscillators on the Sub 37 are similar to those of the Sub Phatty. If you play a sound based on AD contours with a high value of contour tracking, there comes a point at which the contours go from being quick on one note to being virtually instantaneous on the one above it, meaning that higher notes turn into quiet clicks and, in any musical sense, disappear. Just be aware that the USB carries MIDI only, not audio. He then pointed out something that I had noticed, but not remarked upon: you can adjust the generators’ parameters and hear the results while holding a note, which is not always the case with other hybrids or VAs. I like synths that allow me to select between high-, low- and last-note priorities, and to be able to choose this and simultaneously select either single or multi-triggering on a per-patch basis is a treat. I should also mention that, if you have the cash and the inclination, you can connect multiple Sub 37s to create a monster polysynth. Within each modulator, you can bypass the LFO and select one from a list of 10 additional modulation sources, and one from 83 possible destinations. I rather liked this, but was unable to recommend it unequivocally because of its short keyboard and profusion of hidden functions, some of which could only be accessed using arcane combinations of key-presses or the associated software editor. If you want to approach the generators as conventional ADSRs, the standard eight knobs are where you expect them to be. The Sub 37 is an analogue/digital hybrid with an analogue signal path controlled by digitally generated modulators and contour generators. It’s wonderfully simple to use. Price. Sub 37 synthesizer pdf manual download. Its control panel is home to 40 knobs and 74 switches, placing a vast array of analog sound-design tools and onboard sequencing options immediately at your command. I wasn’t a huge fan but, despite my reservations, I have to admit that others were. All rights reserved. The Sub 37 has a single filter that Moog describes as a “classic 20Hz-20kHz Ladder Filter”. The Subsequent 37 mixer also has double the headroom, and the Ladder Filter gain staging has been massaged to boost harmonic saturation and signal compression. The Sub 37’s front panel certainly seems a bit more extensive than that of its Sub Phatty forebear. With just three buttons to do so, navigating the menus can be a bit clunky. The contents of this article are subject to worldwide copyright protection and reproduction in whole or part, whether mechanical or electronic, is expressly forbidden without the prior written consent of the Publishers. In May 2017, Moog announced its successor, the Moog Subsequent 37 CV, which featured an additional four assignable CV outputs, and two gate output in a limited edition of 2000 units. I’m not sure why Moog made this distinction, but I can’t say that it worries me. Less superficially, the Sub Phatty’s underlying oscillator architecture — a Minitaur oscillator core followed by the Voyager’s variable waveshaper — has been retained. In addition, the Sub 37’s Multidrive uses the same two distortion circuits as the Sub Phatty, one lying before the filter, the other after it. Dedicated controls make it easy to shape your sounds in real time while performing, and the extra-large filter cutoff knob is easy to find with your hands when your eyes are focused elsewhere. It doesn't matter which one; their synths start at top quality and only go up from there. Happy customers, one piece of gear at a time! 37-key Analog Synthesizer with Mono and Duo Modes, Aftertouch, 256 Presets, 2 Modulation Buses, and Enhanced Analog Signal Path The Subsequent 37 The Moog Subsequent 37 CV has been a huge hit at Sweetwater. My ARP Odyssey was the only synth on which I could play it convincingly because — being duophonic — it produced each new note (in either direction) at the right moment, even if the previous one remained depressed for a fraction of a second. But not every synthesist needs CV routing, so by popular demand, Moog has released the Subsequent 37: it's the same great analog synth — minus the CV. , Moog モーグ アナログシンセサイザー SUB 37 Tribute Editionがシンセサイザーストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除 … There are a couple of facilities and bugs to be tidied up. For power, Moog have resisted the urge to go down the low-cost route, and the Sub 37 boasts a welcome IEC mains socket for an internal 100V-240V, 50/60Hz AC power supply. 【製品レビュー】MOOG Sub 37 ファットなモーグ・サウンドが2和音に 37鍵盤により演奏性も格段にアップした Phattyシリーズ最新機種 Vol.03 お仕事交遊録~南谷成功(舞台監督)編 Vol.01 仕事場探訪~多保孝一(作曲家、音楽 Get a low price and free shipping on thousands of items. Entre e conheça as nossas incriveis ofertas. You can allocate Osc2 to the higher of the two notes played, to the lower, or disconnect it from the keyboard to produce a drone at a frequency determined by the Frequency knob, which now has an extended range of three octaves. Nevertheless, I recommend that you try it. + Shipping to: 98837. But it’s far from the whole story, because the Sub 37 also allows you to play its oscillators independently using the type of duophonic mode introduced on the ARP Odyssey in 1972. Of course, you can synchronise everything in this section to the Sub 37’s internal clock or to MIDI Clock. But it’s the last of these inputs that should grab your attention because, in the absence of a cable plugged into the Audio In socket, this acts as a feedback loop that routes the output from the mixer section back into its input. When you first get your hands on one, hold the INIT button to initialise the patch to a simple beep. All in, the Subsequent 37 is an irresistible analog synth value with classic fat and punchy Moog sound, real-time tweakability, and a lovely, custom chassis with wooden end cheeks, lovingly handcrafted in Asheville, NC. MOOG SUB37 - sampled based VST plug-in. Let's take a … You'll never have to dive into menus or remember which button has the shift function you're trying to access. Thank you for your request. The Sub 37 Tribute includes updated features including Duo Mode, which allows oscillator 1 and oscillator 2 to be played But the Sub 37 isn’t an SEM, and I suspect that, without taking great care to keep the sound in check, the resulting instrument could be too ‘big’ to mix. Next comes Sync, which retriggers the contour when sync’ed to MIDI, and the fourth is Loop, which loops the DAHDR stages, with the Sustain determining the break point between the D and R stages. At the slow end of the spectrum, I found the Attack, Hold and Release stages to be around 10s as quoted, and the Decay to be closer to 20s. Subsequent 37 CV production is limited to 2000 pieces worldwide. Happily, you don’t need specific drivers for your computer to recognise the Sub 37. Subsequent 37は、数々の賞を受賞したSub 37 Tribute Editionのデザインをベースにしたパラフォニック・アナログ・シンセサイザーです。コントロールパネルには40個のノブと74個のスイッチがあり、さまざまなアナログサウンドやシーケンスを即座に生成できます。 In my review of the Sub Phatty I stated that, “I can imagine some potential users bemoaning the lack of an arpeggiator or step sequencer,” so I’m pleased that the Sub 37 offers both. The synthesizer has an analog signal path and digital modulators. 37-key Analog Synthesizer with Mono and Duo Modes, Aftertouch, 256 Presets, 2 Modulation Buses, and Enhanced Analog Signal Path. Additionally, this means that, if you have the right gear at the other end of your MIDI cable, you can use the Sub 37 as a powerful controller. How do I download the Sub 37 and Subsequent 37 Editor / Librarian? There are some excellent low-cost synthesizers out there and, with a list price of £1249$1499, the Sub 37 isn’t for those on a tight budget. My Sub 37 is out of tune. All contents copyright © SOS Publications Group and/or its licensors, 1985-2021. There is so much control at the fingertips, like the Voyagers. We take pride in our sound quality and true authentic sample libraries. Interestingly, the Delay function in the amplifier contour only works when it’s looping, placing a pause between each cycle, but never between the key press and the first instance of the Attack phase. I was rather critical of the Sub Phatty’s I/O panel because its black legends embossed on a black background made it impossible to tell which hole was which. Two buttons provide keyboard reset (which reinitialises the LFO cycle each time that you press a key) and synchronisation to the internal clock or MIDI Clock, and two knobs determine the amount by which the LFO is applied to the pitches of the oscillators (Osc1, Osc2 or both) and the filter cutoff frequency, with either positive or negative polarity in both cases. Choose Subzero Deluxe and access the ultimate music production toolkit (Over 1.7 GB). An associated knob determines the modulation depth, again with either polarity. All four cutoff slopes are retained (although you no longer need to remember arcane key presses to access them), and all four modes will self-oscillate when you set the resonance high enough. 2 x Oscillators, 1 x Sub Oscillator, 1 x Noise Generator, 2 x LFO: Triangle, Square, Sawtooth, Ramp, Sample & Hold, Moog Ladder Filter with 6/12/18/24 dB per Octave Slopes, Filter CV in, Pitch CV in, Volume CV in, KB Gate in, Editor/Librarian Software (plug-in/standalone), All-analog Moog synthesizer with Mono and Duo modes, Re-tuned Multidrive circuit for a wider range and more dirt, Increased mixer headroom delivers even better sounds in Duo mode, Upgraded 37-note, velocity- and aftertouch-enabled keybed with enhanced action, High-power headphone amp is great for cuing up sounds in loud venues, Create animated sounds with 2 versatile modulation buses, Syncable arpeggiator and step sequencer for even more creative potential, DAHDSR (Delay, Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release) looping envelopes with sync, Legendary Moog ladder filter can sound smooth or aggressive with resonance, MultiDrive, and selectable slope, Dedicated controls give you immediate access to every sound-shaping parameter, 256 presets arranged in 16 banks of 16 patches, Handcrafted in Moog Music's Asheville, NC factory.